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We are looking for writers or nutritionist or people who like to be in the healthy rule and peace of mind. We are giving name of writers who write for us focusing correction of health and fitness. We are excluding quality blog and contents per week in order to maintain the continuity by posting contents to keep you conscious of the health figure and path of search measures by posting blogs that emergence.

ways of getting healthy benefits.

People who are aware about fitness and planning to give your best play by keeping the strength and motivational level that flows educative information about doing Yoga, physical exercises and fitness tips.

Our health club comes with the planning and performance of contents in an average of 1-2 quality post per week for new writers and we will be happy to be in touch with people who are interested to give their writing for longer time.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Article Length: Our club consider towards the contents  of readers and we are looking for articles up to the length of 1200+ words. The minimum length should be 1200+ by maintaining the quality of the contents. Please maintain the word limit as per the guidelines.
  • Make Readers Comfortable: ReadArticle Topic: We are focusing on the improvement of health, so the topics should be concern to health where fitness goals, weight loss, exercising tips, Skin Care, Personal care tips and ideas of having nutritious foods or ways of getting right shape are related in the top priorities. Contents that come out of topic are rejected according to the guidelines.
  • viewers  should enjoy while reading and for maintaining the healthy bond with the reader, one must formalize the topics with headings and sub headings along with the importance  of keeping the keywords in bold with images, videos and tables if needed.
  • No Irrelevant Links: Irrelevant links engaged to the topics are not allowed according to the latest update from penguin publication. You can add one link with subject to your relevant keyword.
  • Videos and Screenshots: We already debate about the decoration factors that attract reader towards reading your posts. You can use screenshots, videos or images to maintain the standard.
  • No Affiliate Link: inhibition imposed on any modulate  links posted by guest into our health website.
  • Copyright: We are strict with this guideline where no one is allowed to copy paste any topic or contents from other blogs or website. If anyone does this with their contents then the content will be deleted.

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