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Manufacturers declare Vita Luminance as another breakthrough revolution, which claims to consist of peptide booster that allow for enhancement in collagen formation of skin. The formula helps to rebuild the moisture of face, enhance the skin glow, restrict the wrinkles formation and reduce the dark circle formation.

The Manufacturers even clear out that this formula counter effect the stress mode and improves the hydration of face to keep it moist and look younger. But are these promises a real one or just meant for promotional purpose of the product? Till now there doesn’t arrives any kind of special points that describe something good about this cream.

Collagen is a natural protein that remains under skin tissues but as we age they show decline phase with the count and the effects of aging signs start to appear. Vita Luminance claims to function with its whole molecules factor but unfortunately there is no special evidence showing the presence of any special ingredients to this formula.

Whether collagen is present or not, looking after the reviews we only came to a conclusion that this cream does not have potential to get absorbed completely under skin layers. Do not expect any miracles happening overnight since it is simply a 14 day trial formula as sold by many marketers today online.

There is only one way to get this anti aging formula by paying a sum of $4.95, for 14 day trial pack. There are no reasons to get excited looking after this deal since after the expiry of trial order user would automatically be charged $98, and a month’s supply of Vita Luminance would get delivered every time. The product comes along with a 30 day buy back guarantee and user may only return the order by making a call to customer support department at 800-878-9702.

If you have looked after few online products related to anti aging then do not expect any differences with those. Yes Vita Luminance looks all same to those websites, and it is also expected that it may be from the same manufacturer only. The worst part of this formula is that it lacks enough customer feedback of the customers.

Overall we can narrate this formula as the unknown identity with no mentioned manufacturer’s details, no listed ingredients, no listed dose schedule and no addition of any bad or good effect with the product. The offer is too expensive and is only available on a trial basis only. So is there any good reason to purchase this product? Certainly not!

We would recommend you to better stay away from the offers that are sold on a trial basis. They attract customer with free trial offer and then keep charging good amount from customer credit card, every month. One can say that Vita Luminance is another failure and a scam entry to the market, with no genuine customer feedback except the reviews showing its failure to work.

It would be very hard decision to make, whether to select this formula or not? We value your money and would always recommend you to get consulted from dermatologist for getting best resolution.

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