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The growing risk with the skin issues cannot be ignored today as with aging, pollution and overexposure to sunlight, is enough to bring some nasty roughness and aging signs. Excess exposure to sun is a key reason that causes face to lose its moisture and hydration balance and makes it rough and look old. It also causes nasty skin cancer and brings some uneven dark circles under eye.

One of the well known advertorial pages recently described the properties of Vita Essence Cream that promises to moisturize the skin surface and reduce the presence of dark circles. Still this is just an advertorial description and must not be associated as real evidence.

Vita Essence Cream is more associated to reduce the presence of puffiness, under eye bags, wrinkles, fine linings and dark circles. It is manufactured by Skin Research institute and further promises to be a chemical free formula including Dioxin, sulfates, Parabens, MEA, Sunscreen, DEA and MEA. However looking after the ingredients list no real evidence was found declaring this anti aging cream as chemical and filler free.

The ingredients that are composed to this anti aging cream include Glypure, Citrus limonum, Regu-Age, Passiflora edulis, Ananas Sativus, minerals, vitamins and Vitis vinifera. These ingredients were further researched looking after their efficiency rate but unfortunately nothing special was discovered out. Here few ingredients have some impact in improving the toning of face but towards aging signs they don’t work accurately.

Vita Essence Cream must not be related as a means to reduce, treat, diagnose or cure any skin or medical condition and its final result may vary from person to person depending on their skin condition and the way formula is being used. The product has not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and risks associated with formula must be covered by its user only.

As far as pricing of the formula is concerned the product is available under 14 day trial order only, which requires user to pay $6.96 and afterwards you would be required to pay a higher amount for monthly subscription. Since, it is available through trial order basis so you would not be allowed for a refund back of money unless you ask for cancellation within 14 days of its booking.

The official website after a thorough analysis looks very new launch to market and is missing all different customer reviews and feedbacks. The complete identity of manufacturer is missing, which makes very difficult task for customers to ask for cancellation of their subscription.

As far as reputation is concerned related to these trial offers they are generally rejected by majority of customers and aren’t approved by FDA. The websites aren’t listed under better business bureau and generally manipulate customers by showing free trial offers and charging a higher amount after prescribed duration.

Aging signs literally occur to every individual and could only be eliminated by accepting proper hygiene and some safe treatment patterns. If you are the only looking for some reliable solution then better get consulted with dermatologist for good and safe guidance.

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