Typhoid Fever Symptoms Treatment and Food

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Typhoid is an infection caused by bacteria. The name of the bacteria which is responsible or causes typhoid is Salmonella typhi. This bacterium is also known by the name of gram negative bacteria. The main cause of typhoid is unhygienic food or water. The bacteria of typhoid come in the food or water of human and then typhoid is spread from one person to another. Some people after getting treatment of typhoid also spreads it because they don’t know typhoid bacteria is still remaining in their body so the best way to check typhoid is stool culture or blood test by doctors to check whether there is Salmonella in your blood or not. Typhoid is not a big disease but if it is not treated it can become. So you should also know about typhoid fever symptoms treatment and food so that you can stop it from becoming the cause of your death.

Some Symptoms Of Typhoid Are:

Headaches: Sometimes headaches can be due to taking stress or doing more mental work but if the headache remain for long time or it appears with other symptoms the consult to your doctor. May be it is typhoid.

Poor appetite: Poor appetite means decrease in the desire of feeling for eating.

Fever: Let me tell you that fever is a first stage symptom and in typhoid after two weeks the fever rises.

Fatigue:  Fatigue is when we feel tired or exhausted. We feel fatigue when we more work but if you are feeling fatigue or tired for no reason then consult to doctor.

Rash, constipation and confusion these are also the symptoms of typhoid fever.

Treatment for Typhoid Fever:

  • You have heard that prevention is better than cure so first we will tell you about how to prevent typhoid fever. After that we will talk about its treatment.
  • Avoid drinking water directly from taps, pipes.
  • Try to drink packaged water.
  • Always boil tap water before drinking as it contains bacteria and boiling water kills them.
  • Always wash hands before eating.
  • Always wash fruits before eating.

     Now we will talk about treatment of typhoid fever. If it treated early then it is good but in case it remains untreated it can become serious problem.

  • The most effective treatment of typhoid is taking antibiotics. The most common antibiotics used for it are ciprofloxacin and ceftriaxone.
  • Taking adequate water is also necessary.
  • But in some case a surgery is done if the bowel has become perforated.

Food That Should Be Taken In Typhoid:

  • A diet that has high amount of calorie and protein should be given to typhoid patients.
  • Yoghurt and eggs should be given as they are easy to digest and provide enough protein.
  • Take at least 8 glasses of water every day as typhoid causes vomiting which makes your body hydrated. You can also take juice and coconut water.

Foods to Avoid In Typhoid:

  • Avoid spicy, chilly and oily food.
  • Avoid foods that are rich in fiber like whole grains cereals and salad, vegetables like cabbage, turnip and capsicum.
  • We had told you about typhoid fever symptoms treatment and food.

CONCLUSION: Typhoid is not a big problem if treated early but can become if left untreated so it is necessary to notice its symptoms so that it can be cured easily.

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