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The fluctuating environmental conditions are enough to bring out some worst outcomes on individuals health, and especially male group suffer a lot today. You may easily observe millions of male group sufferings with erectile dysfunction, don’t get surprised today if you are struggling with low energy resources as well as low ejaculation time.

Male group may even suffer from low sexual desires due to lack of physical stamina as well as nutrients. Thunder Rock Male enhancement received varied attention on internet since it is now promising to remove away all those sexual troubles including erection disorder in no mean of time.

Thunder Rock delivers out a great stage where individuals would be receiving harder and long lasting erection and improved energy resource with better and higher mood of sexual desires. It even promises that there would be no feel of embarrassment due to low ejaculation time since it enhances the ejaculation time.

As per the list there are few important addition of ingredients made to formula that could be easily explored on bottle’s label. The list of ingredients include horny goat weed, deer antler velvet, Avena sativa, Panax Ginseng, Inosine, Maca root, Gingko Extracts and Damiana leaf extracts.

There are sparkling fake reviews mentioned on the representative website where you may well get delighted with the users result but don’t get knocked towards those promise. In a clinical study we discovered out that these ingredients have slight benefits on health condition and rest they are unable to remove the erectile dysfunction as well as ejaculation disorder.

The product pricing is based on trial basis where you need to pay $4.96 for 14 day period. After the expiry period you would be charged $89.45 from your credit card and a month’s supply would arrive automatically. However product comes along with a 30 day buy back guarantee but you need to ask for cancellation process

To process with the cancellation you may simply contact the customer support department at 888-866-0530 or just drop a mail at for every related inquiry. The operation time of company remains from 9 am EST to 9 pm EST and remains closed on weekend.

Manufacturers have even mentioned the dose schedule to apply every time as product must be consumed under a limited quantity, one capsule on a daily basis, 30 minutes before your bed time. One bottle capsule of Thunder Rock consists of 60 capsules supply and must be used for 3 months at least for better results.

The limitations list exceeds when we start counting it on fingers as product is not GMP certified and unapproved by food and drug administration (FDA). The official website looks very new after investigation as there are very little customer feedbacks mentioned where majority of them are complaining with the failure of product to deliver results.

The lists of ingredients efficiency goes missing as well as the final results duration to be expected. The product is priced too high and categorizes to same trial based offers sold online. So we would only recommend you to neglect using this harmful supplement and better get consulted with physicians for better outcomes.


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