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Sticking to a single relationship at age of 22 or 52 is quite a challenging task and sustaining it with high confidence and enthusiasm can never remain accurate or same. Here women most of the time go frustrated and low with their morale and often commit some nasty life threatening moves.

Intimacy and physical happiness may not be the same if your male partner is not interested in getting up a strong bond of relationship. Felicity Keith recently announced a book guide named as “The Language of Desire” that is a relationship guide with their male partner for a perfect intimate moves throughout.

The Language of Desire further is a text guide that works as a dirty talk in bedroom sessions and unlock all the secrets and requirements of your partner with full of confidence and no more shy stuff.

The book further explains the basics of men that you need to understand and make all those improvisation to keep present and future relationship intimate, stronger, harder and energetic. Besides that it also prevails to unlock the key G spot of men for massive explosion.

Further the writer Felicity Keith isn’t a scientist, scholar or psychologist and doesn’t seem to have any valid proof about her experience with the writing theory. In details it has been explained that writer suffered some embarrassing situation throughout her life and then tried special techniques to make her life intimate with partner.

The evidence that we observed here is that The Language of Desire is written by a non recognized person and is hard to believe that it would work in any chance or not. It describes to unlock the male sexual psyche amazingly but at end it is really tough to judge the male mind and observe their behavior easily.

The Language of Desire comes in various sections along with subsections in various mp3 files as well as text messages and short video clips. The chemistry of brain and sex is also mentioned briefly and reasons have also been mentioned regarding the male likings towards pornography.

Looking after the official website it seems to be a very new arrival to market with no customer reviews or ratings mentioned clearly. The website is not approved by food and drug administration and manufacturer identity has been kept confidential with no support number mentioned clearly.

Currently The Language of Desire is available at price of $49.66 along with 60 days refund back policy for dissatisfied users. According to author the book is good for both men and women to understand each other’s mind easily and give a high boost for a strong bonding of relationship and make best intimacy in the relationship.

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