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Peak Health Labs, Inc. recently announced the launch of anabolic testosterone boosting supplement named as TestoFuel. Officials claim that product has capacity to enhance the flow of growth hormones in the body and helps to improve the endurance and libido level. Those who are suffering from the issues of low sex drive, excess fat and low muscle building, the product is all suited to these health issues.

However the first drawback received with the formula is Peak Health Labs, Inc is not listed with better business bureau; even this supplement is not approved by food and drug administration. Manufacturers mention that TestoFuel is developed by the selection of professional athletes and is suited to all age group professionals.

TestoFuel is manufactured in United Kingdom and claims to follows the legal guidelines. The product has been composed with the addition of ingredients like minerals, Vitamin D, amino acids, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Fenugreek, Oyster Extract, Magnesium, D-aspartic acid (DAA), Oysters and Ginseng Extracts.

Peak Health Labs, Inc. has been discovered out as very new group based out of Panama and it’s very difficult to find out the exact evidence related to the company’s reliability. There are no evidence available related to other products offered by this company. Being a new company customer reviews are almost zero. The lack of legitimate review makes the selection of this product tricky and often categorizes it to scam category.

As far as product pricing is concerned it is far expensive to bear and for one month supply you need to pay $69.00 and for two month supply you would be charged $138.00. The product arrives with a 90 day buy back guarantee and could be returned by making a call to customer support department.

The product does not arrive with any sign up program and all money charged from customers is paid at once. The product may take up to 2-6 working days to get delivered still in some cases it may take up to 5-7 days. However the customer service department of the product is worst and user often gets poor experience while returning the orders.

The lists of ingredient are effective in some cases for boosting the energy resources as well as testosterone enhancement. However there is no clinical evidence related to the benefits received with the ingredients use. Product also misses the good and bad effects caused with its use. It should be used by minor or not, is also missing with TestoFuel use.

Overall conclusion that has been made here is TestoFuel must be avoided by the users since it is risky to health and is expensive to afford. The lack of genuine reviews of customer further gives a red signal with its purchasing. For every muscle building and sexual enhancement activities the better would be to get consulted with physician for staying safe.

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