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The resolution to keep tooth healthy and free from any cavity or yellow appearance remains to be a big challenge. If you are a chain smoker, drink tea and coffee a lot that would lift stain particles to develop on teeth layers and make it yellowish and dull.

A visit to dentist is the only solution that individuals perform regularly and also incur enough expenses but the treatment doesn’t brings sparkling white visibility for long terms. However, there are few permanent devices that could be used as a long term teeth whitening tool, but still their effectiveness level is a serious question to concern.

Recently an advertorial page of Soleil Glo was published online that promises to deliver sparkling white teeth brightness to teeth layers at no troubles. Manufacturers have mentioned that it includes of UV accelerator, tooth tray and activated gel that works on LED based technology for brining white appearance. It’s just 14 days of time duration that could remove yellow appearance of teeth amazingly.

Soleil Glo is easy to use and could be carried to different places with much ease since it is manufactured with light weight materials and includes battery panel for keeping it functioning for long terms. However, shockingly it has been discovered out that product has not been evaluated by food and drug administration and can’t be considered as risk free choice.

According to creators there are no inclusions of any fillers or artificial chemicals to Soleil Glo gel and other stuffs, but still there is no official declaration made with ingredients content used in formulation of activated gel.

The product is not meant to treat or cure any disease and its final result would vary from person to person, depending on their tooth health as well as the way whitening kit is applied. The kit must be used after cleaning teeth completely and putting the gel tray inside mouth after switching it on. It is compulsory to keep tray inside mouth for at least 20 minutes for better observation.

Soleil Glo official website hasn’t included any real evidence showing the efficiency of this teeth whitening kit and is lacking all customer reviews as well as ratings. This proves that product may not work well as per its promises made every time. It could be availed by paying $32.00, but later officials may charge higher amount for all monthly subscription offers.

User must use the device at his/her own risk and negative effects arriving after its use would be sole responsibility of them. Yellow presence of teeth is a natural process and would keep hitting unless you avoid junk eating and drinking. These categories of whitening kits are never a good choice and may even disturb tooth enamel and cause various cavities in future. The best would be stay away from these categories of nasty purchase.

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