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Revival Beauty Serum is a new manufacture that claims to enhance the production of collagen molecules and lift up the hydration of face naturally. It is known to be a first injection free formula that has capacity to make resolution to fine linings, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

According to manufacturers Revival Beauty Serum consists of few ingredient sources including Trylagen, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, L Arginine (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8), Cucumber, collagen boosters, minerals, Sweet Carrot Extract and vitamins. You would have observed its advertisement on different online websites regarding its performance value, but its actual efficiency is still missing.

Looking after the ingredients value one may discover out that few ingredients like Sweet Carrot and Aloe Vera help to lift up the moisture level of face, but still it doesn’t declares that face would get younger with that. Botox is a bit risky source but according to reports it may prove to be an effective source comparing to this anti aging cream.

Revival Beauty Serum promises to improve the collagen boosters of the face but still there is no clinical evidence declared officially that can actually lift up the collagen formation of face. Most of the anti aging creams consist of big sized whole molecules that actually never penetrate to dermal layer of skin. So here in this case the research shows that this cream may not work accurately to treat aging signs.

The worst thing to notice about the formula is ingredients exact percentage is not mentioned and this flags a red signal regarding its use. The ingredients however have natural property and prove to be a moisturizing source but in many cases they even create some skin side effects.

At the time of research it was explored out that Revival Beauty Serum is a new market entry and doesn’t hold up any customer review, to make an idea related to its efficiency. However looking after the website it has been found that there were few customer comments (fake affiliate posts), giving some good reviews.

Looking after pricing and refund policy, our experience seems to be worst since product is only available through 14 day trial sign up. You would be charged $4.98, after its expiry period $99.98 would be billed through your credit card. The product may take up to 3-4 days to get delivered and allows for a 30 day buy back guarantee including surcharges. To facilitate the cancellation process you need to make a call to customer support at 800-803-0732.

Overall we came to a conclusion that Revival Beauty Serum uses fake review websites to promote its characteristics. The ingredients only work in advertisement, not in real world after application. The cream is only available through 14 day trial and that makes it’s buying full of hustles. We would rather recommend our users to consult physician for getting best prescription towards their anti aging issues.

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