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The manufactures of Raw Power XL term it as “raging beast” supplement source that not just helps to boost the energy resources but also capitalizes to boost the libido level. This food based supplement has excellent properties to recharges body with quick results and could be used along with 1 capsule on a daily basis.

If suffering from orgasm trouble you get a chance to receive extensive orgasm for most pleasurable nights, and spend happiest moment with your female partner at bed. The product promises to boost up the testosterone formation in the body and give immediate relief from the troubles of erectile dysfunction, low ejaculation time and low sex demand.

Still the evidence with the Raw Power XL identity is very little available except being classified to the category of muscle, male enhancement and testosterone boosting supplement. The product promises to enhance the flow of growth hormone but the fact associated here is “testosterone starts to show decline phase after 30s and could only be enhanced through healthy eating”. How much effective would be the use of this supplement is a serious question to consider today.

Manufacturers have even mentioned few additions made to Raw Power XL including Horny Goat Weed, Wild Yam Extract, Tongkat Ali, Sarsaparilla, Saw Palmetto, Amino Acid, Orchic, minerals vitamins and antioxidants. They even declare that these ingredients are just enough to boost the sexual stamina of men. Still we haven’t found any single clinical evidence related to boosting efficiency of these extracts. Even the exact percentage addition of these sources goes missing here. Few sources may increase energy or stamina power but the boost of sexual desires is not applicable here.

The ingredients added to Raw Power XL may prove to be a harmful source for minors as well as individuals who are exceeding its dose count. The product is available with a 14 day trial pack and user needs to pay $4.96 first. After its expiry period you would be charged $89 from the credit card and a month’s supply would arrive automatically.

However product is offered with 30 day refund policy but could only be cancelled through making a call to customer support department at 877-516-7511. Most of the users complain with the poor customer support by Raw Power XL group.

Based on concluded research and reviews we have only found that Raw Power XL is very new entry to market with enough customer reviews missing. We can only rate this product with 2 stars since there is no special promise made related to its efficiency. Most of the customers have complained regarding failure to work along with worst customer service.

Coming to a conclusion we could only mention that this supplement source is not the real deal to boost your testosterone level. The product misses every important aspect of its efficiency and refuses to give any health insurance. Ingredients may or may not be available in the formula as promised by its creators. The best move here would be to get consulted with physician for getting best advice with the testosterone boosting health.

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