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NuraDyne more known to be a “neuron activator”, is a new launch to market that so far claims to enhance the entire functionality of brain with no hassles. The supplement even promises to give smarter lifestyle by enhancing the intelligence and IQ level of individuals.

According to manufacturers for better results user needs to take 1 capsule twice daily, with plenty of water to experience better results with improved memory recalling activities of brain and high focus on the objects. Although the promises made here are enough to catch the attention of users, but still the question arises here is how much effective will it be?

Seriously you cannot take chances every time especially with your mental ability and so far we haven’t received much proof with the positive sides of the product.

Our brain consists of millions of nerve cells, which are also called as neurons helping brain to function smoothly, but sometimes may not function well due to lack of nutrients, brain stroke and other diseases.

Although NuraDyne claims to remove the brain disorders but still the point to be asked is how it functions to improve neurons? There are no reviews available showing the exact functioning of this brain boosting supplement. So making a final conclusion with the effectiveness of this formula is a matter of concern.

The manufacturers claim that ingredients added to NuraDyne include of natural property and are clinically tested. On top of bottle you would be able to find the list of ingredients including: Guarana seed, Cayenne, Inositol, Slippery Elm, Bacopa Extracts, Coffee Sources, Marshmallow, Glucuronolactone, Jujube, Rhodiola crenulata Sources and Green Tea.

Yes these mentioned ingredients are considered to be a natural formulation but still there is no clinical evidence showing the good and bad effects. Up to how much extent they would help to improve memory, concentration level, focus on objects and IQ level, is all missing
Looking forward with the negative effects of this formula one may receive dry mouth, constipation and digestive upset, since there is enough addition of caffeine to it.

So far looking after the nootropic supplement source, NuraDyne looks more identical to Geniux, Intellux and Brain Storm. It is estimated that all these products are from same manufacturer and don’t differ with their function and properties.

The worst thing you would find is the lack of customer reviews available to have dept knowledge about NuraDyne; even the customer service is very poor. Most of the customers are complaining that product is priced very high and even fails to deliver results every time.

Cost of 1 bottle is $59 that seems to be pretty expensive choice along with $6.98 shipping charges to be paid. Reads the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding to book since the free shipping would only be available on first order. NuraDyne offers 30 day buy back policy and the product could only be returned by making a call to its customer support number at 800-230-0078.

Coming to a conclusion we highly care for your money and health and would recommend avoiding the use of NuraDyne since it lacks enough review to show its good effect and is priced too high.

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