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Consisting of essential Phytoceramides sources, Nu Beauty Serum is an advanced dermatologist’s recommendation that helps to overcome the issues related to aging. The additions of non toxic ingredients help literally to enhance the visibility of skin and make it look years younger. It has been proved clinically that its consistent use may reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 80%.

Phytoceramides are generally a type of molecules, found in different categories of tropical plants that have special antioxidants helping in improving the visibility of skin up to some extent. Big claims! From the side of manufacturer as they are saying that Nu Beauty Serum has potential to reduce wrinkles, fine linings, dark circles and crow’s feet.

Although having a thorough research with the Phytoceramides efficiency there hasn’t been any availability of evidence showing their exact effectiveness. Zero evidence proves that manufacturer has just used these terms for making a wrong popularity of their product. Although ceramide may work well in some cases but most of the aging issues are natural that could not be treated without any special medication.

Looking after the reputation of Nu Beauty Serum it has been found that most of the anti aging creams & serums sold online generally include same property. This serum looks similar to creams like Vita Luminance, Allegro Cream etc and even the manufacturer appears to be the same.

The worst part we found was the poor customer reviews as most of them were complaining that product fails to perform every time and even cause irritation after its application. The reviews that are mentioned in positive aspect of Nu Beauty Serum looks a fake one, generally used by affiliate sellers.

The list of ingredients goes missing here and even their exact percentage addition is absent. The good and bad effects of the cream are not mentioned by the manufacturers. So selecting such type of anti aging serums may prove risky as most skins are sensitive and may get affected badly.

The product is similar to those trial offers sold online and it could only be purchased with 14 day trial pack. You would be charged $4.97 for trial pack and after its expiry $139 would be automatically charged from the account and a new month’s supply would arrive. The supply would arrive every month unless you make a call to cancel your bottle at toll free number 855-511-2188. The product is available with 30 day buy back guarantee and needs to be returned before 29th day of ordering.

Overall looking after the various aspects it has been discovered out that product uses same design pattern as well as brand label. There are not enough reviews of the customer related to various aspects of product and the list of ingredient goes missing. Customers are even complaining that product is priced very high and trial offer is making them embarrassed.

It would be better if you get consulted with a dermatologist for issues related to your aging signs. Trial offers are not good always to use and may prove risky at various occasions.

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