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Dr Wayne recently announced the launch of his very new anti aging serum named as Neuphoric skin. The formula is all based on combination of Retinol, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, to deliver instant relief with the appearance of aging signs. He furthers say “the formula is suitable for all skin type whether it’s a dry or oily skin and works evenly to remove wrinkles, fine linings, dark circles and creases”.

Clinically tested and approved ingredients made the combination a perfect one with no invitations of any skin risk. The base function of the formula is to enhance the collagen level and make a well balance of water and collagen evenly.

As far as ingredients are concerned we could only see few mentions on the product label rest other sources are missing here. We are facing hurdles while discovering out the exact benefits of the ingredient value. Manufacturers term that formula is suited to all skin type but in actual an ingredient suited to oily skin may not be good for dry skin, so how could one consider it as safe anti aging serum.

In past studies we even found that Retinol has been an effective source that may improve the moisture level of face and even increase its shine with smoothness. But still relating it with wrinkles and fine linings, there is not much conclusion driven and very tough to really cure the aging signs. Sagging face may get reduced but not up to much extent.

The worst thing to notice was its price, as it is only available through a trial basis for 14 days and after its expiry period user is frequently charged $89.57. Neuphoric could only be unsubscribed by making a call to customer support department and its service department has never been much satisfactory one, as explained by few customers. The formula in fact looks very new to market looking after its website with not much likes and reviews.

There is not much customer review available here to get a conclusion with the product performance and few of the present reviews are on negative side. The customers are complaining with the failure of product to work effectively, being priced high.

Overall few customers have even complained that they observed rashes, itches and irritation after the application of Neuphoric skin serum. Even the manufacturer’s missing identity flags a red signal to stop considering this formula.

We can only conclude that ingredients missing identity doesn’t makes this product promising and is also priced high compared to its quality. For treating the aging signs it is advised to every user for getting a consultation of dermatologist, rather than considering trial offers. Cosmetics have never proved to be a source of improving the skin vibrancy other than degrading the skin health.

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