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Aging is a natural process and brings wrinkles formation, so you might choose serum or moisturizer according to a skin condition.

With the increased number of candles burned every year during your birthday celebration, you might be observing physical changes as the time passes. With growing age there arrives a big responsibility to living standards and health conditions as well. Beyond taking vitamins and minerals to boost wellness, it also considers taking special care of skin.

Since your dermatologist might have commanded to consider applying sunscreen daily, further they might also advise several creams and serums related to dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, and some tonics as well. However, making a selection of an ideal aging production might be a tricky task to go through, since there are thousands of brands already presenting their visibility.

Skincare Moisturizers VS Skincare Serums

There are lots of disputes going between the productivity of serums and moisturizers, as what would be the best source to check. But the fact is that every individual needs to go with the best skin orders to appear healthy and beautiful. Skincare moisturizers work to nourish and hydrate the skin through essential oils and lift the skin health. However, many moisturizers are specifically designed to control aging issues and deliver extra protection from UVA rays of the sun.

Anti-aging skincare Serums additionally are composed of several ingredients where its main purpose is to get absorbed into the epidermis by penetrating to skin tissues. This process might lead to control the aging process and promote new cell growth. Compared to moisturizers serums include a high percentage of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that drive to deliver smooth, vibrant and supple skin surface.

Serums and moisturizers vary a lot with their features where serums include sources like petrolatum and mineral oils that maintain a higher level of hydrating elements and are mostly free from fillers and lubricating agents. Another significant variation is that serums have higher working efficiency compared to moisturizers. Firstly, serums include small shreds that work at a deep cellular level and penetrate easily. Secondly, the serum does not contain skin blocking elements, thus work at a fast rate and efficiency. Overall serum comprises a high concentration of vital ingredients that deliver several nutrients and act as a hydrating agent and work from the epidermal layer of the skin.

How Does a Serum Work?

Compared to moisturizer Serums are very light and uniquely formulated to penetrate to the epidermal layer of the skin quickly. The ingredients added to it lead to reduce acne, pigmentation and prevent free radical damage. And has an essential feature to nourish skin with vital nutrients, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, peptides and antioxidants. These agents work to exfoliate skin and also work to improve firmness, vibrancy, and smoothness of the surface. They act to prevent and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Individuals having a combination of sun damaged, or aging scarred skin might consider the use of serums that would be productive to deliver excellent results on the surface.

How Does a Moisturizer Work?

A moisturizer might also be called as a cream or lotion that include several hydrating emollients that work to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin tissues. The molecule formulation is more significant here compared to serum, which allows them not to get absorbed under the epidermis. They stay outside the skin surface and act as a barrier to lock all essential moisture and nutrients and prevent aging issues. Creams appear thick with their structure, and that on many occasions block several nutrients entering the skin pores Like Almaviva Serum. This mostly reduces their efficiency rate so might not work well for oily skins.

Serum or a Moisturizer for Skin?

Looking forward to such critical selection making the layering effect plays a vital role. While serum including antioxidants works to prevent free radical damage on the other side moisturizer leads to acting as skin barrier and prevents skin from external pollutants damage as well as UVA rays of the sun. Serums might be used at night and morning that leads to lift hydrating factors and moisturize it from inside. But it must include essential antioxidants that protect skin from external damage.

Serum might be considered as a daily application for those who are above thirty and prevents the arrival of wrinkles and fine lines and giving improvement to skin visibility. Compared to serum, a moisturizer or cream could be used in the winter season to boost the hydration factor inside the skin additionally. This leads to making skin easily fight with changing temperature and restrict the dryness arriving in such seasons.

Reasons to choose serums over moisturizer

  • Leads to repair skin from damage caused due to UVA rays

  • Prevents the formation of wrinkles and creases

  • Lifts skin hydration level

  • Enhanced skin firmness and tone

  • Exfoliates skin for smooth and supple structure

  • Reduces sensitivity and redness visibility in skin

  • Prevents formation or arrival of blemishes

  • Controls hyperpigmentation and age spots formation

  • Removes expression lines

Application Procedure

Compared to dry skin a moisturized skin is highly receptive. So many dermatologists would advice you to apply serum twice daily over the face that could be done after toning or cleansing procedure. During morning hours you might implement your brand serum before application of sunscreen or any moisturizer, and at night you might apply before going to bed. Apply serum covering your face and neck region and massage it gently over the affected areas. You need to use the tip of fingers for a gentle massage and do not rub it harshly over the surface.

If you have a habit of making additional serum application, then stop doing so. Human skin tends to absorb a limited amount of serum and rest all go waste. So no need to overdo the use of serums in excess quantity.

Applying moisturizer over the skin serum leads to lock the active nutritional factors for aging issues. If you store moisturizer in the refrigerator, the coldness of the cream during application after serum process might lift the blood to skin tissues with the capillary contraction that leads ingredients to penetrate easily in skin segment.

Anti Aging Creams

The cream is a blend of diverse components that most probably work to deliver nutrients and give extra sun protection. According to dermatologists ” anti-aging creams are a combination of natural ingredients including several moisturizers and work to reverse the aging process by controlling wrinkles and fine lines.” They differ a lot with their function just like few aging formulations lead to enhance skin tone. Another variety of creams that’s advantageous for skin condition includes the SPF protection factor that is a booster for skin health.

Be careful while making a selection of any aging cream or moisturizer that suits according to your skin type and condition. If prone to acne condition then check the elements of cream so that you don’t get extra oil boost. Also, withdraw use of those products that have several agents that lead to skin dehydration or dryness. The best effort you could make is to get consulted with a dermatologist to find safe medication and best outputs


So these were some comparative relations described between the skin care serums and moisturizers. We are not here to judge any particular category but only to describe specific essence application outcomes. The best possible activity you might consider is getting prescribed with a dermatologist and following their advice strictly. Creams are usually avoided when an individual has oily skin but suits best for those who have dry skin surface. On the other side, serums prefer to be a good choice for all oily skin types. Choose whatever you have the confidence to apply and its not necessary that only woman prefers for such stuff, men might also consider such applications.

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