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Individual’s selection towards anti aging products is never an easy task as it creates lot of confusion with the best serum or cream selection. Most of the anti aging formulations are risky, time consuming, expensive and do not stand out with the promise they make so the challenge is to go for only that source, which holds natural ingredients.

Luminis Anti Aging Serum was launched recently with the promise that it holds natural plant extracts and herbs and delivers result within 3-4 weeks of time duration. The product could be used as daily regime as it holds special antioxidants and moisturizer that improve the vibrancy of face.

The product helps strongly to fight against the appearance of wrinkles, fine linings, dark circles and crow’s feet. Besides these aging issues Luminis also holds property to treat several skin issues including eczema, allergy and irritation in a natural way.

As soon as serum is applied on face it gets absorbed to dermal layer without blocking the skin pores and starts to act by enhancing the collagen formation process. Soon user would receive a high rise in moisture level as well as Elastin improvement, which causes the disappearance of wrinkles and fine linings. It even includes SPF sources that protect face from harsh UVA rays of sun and delivers it extra glow.

However, the list of ingredients, addition made to Luminis anti aging serum is not mentioned on its bottle or official website. The way product needs to be applied on face goes missing and this is very tricky situation for new users asking for results. To judge the identity of product you need to apply it continuously but prior to missing ingredients list it must be avoided now since ingredients may or may not be effective in every case.

The product could only be purchased through 14 day trail, where user would definitely be charged $90.57 afterwards. However, product comes along with 30 day buy back guarantee but could only be returned through making a call to customer support department. In this case the manufacturer of product hasn’t mentioned any contact mail or number, which creates hustle while making cancellation.

Looking after the website it looks pretty new launch because the customer rating is almost zero on it and there aren’t enough customer feedbacks available on it. Prior to these you simply cannot make an investment to Luminis anti aging serum without knowing its property, effects and side effects.

Making a final conclusion we would term out this product as another scam failure in market. You simply cannot spend excess earnings of your in these harsh products that promise a lot, but deliver almost zero results. Prior to aging signs a consult with dermatologist would always prove to be benefiting for you and yes there would be no arrival of any risk.