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Aging issues certainly result out in low cognitive power of the brain, which often creates panic to daily survival of individuals. As we age the brain cells suffer with low energy and blood circulation that literally lowers the sharpness of memory where things are hard to remember and retain.

In this situation the survival needs to be triggered with some natural nootropic supplement sources that nourish the brain cells. IntelligenceRX was launched online recently with the aim to help individuals in getting high concentration over the objects and improve their overall mental consistency.

The formula includes of various herbs and essential plant sources that work upon accelerating the energy flow and blood circulation in brain cells and helping in improving its cognitive ability. They deliver nutrients that overall accelerates the thinking level along with IQ power.

Manufacturer’s term out that with its consistent use individual would never receive short term or long term memory power. The product also includes minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help to enhance the energy flow in brain. Overall the theory listed above doesn’t looks authentic to us because there is no real evidence described related to effectiveness of product.

The real list of ingredients goes missing with the IntelligenceRX as it is really tough to judge the effectiveness of product in absence of its ingredients. The new users are finding it very difficult to try the product because ingredients may prove effective as well as deliver negative effect in different cases.

IntelligenceRX could be used on a daily basis prior to breakfast and dinner sessions. One capsule twice daily is the statement of manufacturers however the dose schedule must not be exceeded and if you are a minor or suffering from any severe medical condition, avoid using this nootropic supplement.

This supplement is a non prescribed formula, not approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), not meant to treat or cure any disease. The final results may vary from person to person depending on their cognitive condition as well as usage of formula. The theory listed above is just a general evaluation of author and must not be considered as final confirmation to the effectiveness of formula. Make sure you better get consulted with physician before using IntelligenceRX as your daily dose.

As far as pricing is concerned the bottle of IntelligenceRX could only be purchased through 14 day trial period where you would be required to pay$4.95, afterwards expiry term you would be charged $89.56 for monthly subscription. The product is a real expensive deal where you would be charged higher amount with no surety of the results. So personally I would suggest you to stay away from these trial offers as they are not good source for health. The cancellation policy is not mentioned on official website with no contact information, to be used while making cancellation.

Brain is most vital part of human body and must be cured with proper precautions make sure you always try supplements under guidance of physicians, to stay safe and healthy always.

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