How Many Soaked Almonds to Eat a Day in Pregnancy

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We all know about the benefits of almonds. It is full of nutrients. A healthy diet always contains almonds. The oil which we get from almonds is also full of benefits to our hair but taking them in more than a specific amount will also give you problems. You can take almonds either as in form you buy them like when they are hard or you can also soak them overnight and then take it.

Taking soaked almonds are more beneficial as compared to other. The reason behind it is that after soaking almonds all the harmful substances present on its coating get removed. They are also beneficial in pregnancy but how many soaked almonds to eat a day in pregnancy. You can see in many Indian houses people take soaked almonds every morning. Almonds contain vitamin E, magnesium and calcium.

Along with how many almonds a woman should eat in pregnancy. We will also tell you that:

How many almonds are there in one ounce?

How much should we eat to get its benefits?

What are side effects of eating excessive almonds?

How much and what is the nutritional value of almonds?

So first of all every website has its own answer of how much almonds should we daily?

So the answer of our first question is there are in one ounce there are about 23 almonds.

According to we should 23 almonds regularly to get its nutritional benefits.

According to other almond site which is Nuts for life they recommend to eat 20 almonds daily on a regular basis. You should eat 30 grams of nut daily to meet your daily nutritional requirement.

  • For a pregnant woman it is said to take 10 almonds in morning and 10 almonds in the evening. We will also tell you the reasons behind it.
  • Prevents baby from allergies: Danish is an expert of tree nuts said that it is seen that women who consume nuts when they are pregnant has a low chances of developing allergies like asthma in their baby.
  • Prevents constipation: Having constipation is normal in pregnancy and almonds contain high amount of fiber which helps to remove constipation.
  • Good skin: Vitamin E helps to slow our aging process and makes quality of our skin better. Almonds contain vitamin E.

Nutritional Value of One Ounce of Almonds:

164 calories

14.36 gram fat

5.6 gram carbohydrates

6.02 gram protein

3.5 gram fiber

Side Effects of Taking Excess Almonds

  • Weight gain: As almonds reduce cholesterol but they are high in calories and fat so they can increase our weight.
  • Allergy: Anything taken in excessive amount can cause allergy and it is same in case of almonds also excessive almonds can cause you allergy also.
  • Gastro intestinal problem: Almonds contain a high amount of fiber and taking high fiber content can lead to bloating and constipation.
  • So mothers I am sure that after reading our article you will be aware of how many soaked almonds to eat a day in pregnancy for the good health of your little baby.

CONCLUSION: Almonds is a nut and is very beneficial to us and for pregnant women also but taking excessive almonds can cause many problems so you should know how much we should take to avoid its side effects.

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