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The availability of GOPO is only scheduled in the regions of Europe and is well known to be a joint supplement. According to manufacturers “it consists of rose hips that have hidden source of galactolipids, which deliver instant relief from different types of joint pain”.

The supplement is all meant for having healthy joints and to deliver good joint cartilage support for hassle free living. The combination of nature and science describes its effectiveness, according to its manufacturers. Other than omega 3 and fish oil GOPO is recommended to be best for helping in joint pain and stiffness. But still the question arises here is, does it really work?

According to physicians there are more than hundred reasons through, which joint pain occurs including aging, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, sprains, fracture, psoriasis, inflammation and bone fractures. Every different reason requires different treatment patterns and as far as GOPO is concerned it may fit well in few of those cases.

The company claims that GOPO consists of natural ingredient including rose hip as well as Vitamin C that may lead to inflammation. At some extent one may get relief from joint stiffness and get a proper mode of sleep but still there are not enough evidence related to this joint supplement’s working efficiency.

According to GOPO the effectiveness of rose hip as well as Vitamin C has various health benefits and is even mentioned in various reviews. There have been different clinical studies made on this supplement source and few individuals also mentioned that “improvements with the joint pain have been received within 3-4 weeks”.

Manufacturers even mention that it is necessary to consume at least 3 capsules of GOPO on a daily basis. Still we have found that the list of exact addition of ingredients percentage goes missing on the label of GOPO. However rose hip may prove to be effective but up to how much extent is a question to be asked. Even the good and bad effects of this supplement source are missing and have left many users puzzled.

As per the additions made to the bottle of GOPO there would not be any negative effects related to its use. However an individual may suffer from digestion troubles, headache, fatigue and constipation.

GOPO is now being sold through various retail chains and costs around $28 for its 120ct bottle while its 200ct bottle costs around $42-$50. The product is also available with a 30 day buy back guarantee but could only be cancelled through making a call to its customer support at 866-205-1185.

However looking after the customer review the product has been rated with 3 star ratings. Few customers claimed that they received some relief from the joint paint but there are few other individuals who are saying that products fail to deliver result. Overall the result has not been much satisfactory one with the use of this formula.

Looking after different joint supplement bottles there seems to be no special difference between all. The product even looks from the same manufacturer so be careful while making its selection and get consulted with physician before making any final decision.

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