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Geniux is another new launch towards the categories of dietary supplement that is more a formula aiming to improve the cognitive ability of the brain. The product is also dedicated for restricting the hassles of short term and long term memory loss while making high focus on the objects.

According to manufacturers this supplement is available in form of essential pills that also helps to enhance the IQ level and give higher memory recalling activities. For best results company advices to take this formula two times daily for receiving best results.

As far as the ingredients addition are concerned the product has been marked as risky since there is no special mention related to the addition of any particular ingredients. However few additions that are listed on bottle of Geniux include manuka honey, tyrosine, Royal bee pollen and propolis. Still how much effective these sources would be is a matter of concern for all and needs to be revised every time carefully while making a purchase of this product.

The ingredients may or may not prove to be an effective source for every individual since user health varies. The product is not approved by food and drug administration so that gives a red signal before starting its use.

Over couple of years there have been various entries towards the nootropic supplement sources and looking after the other products, Geniux looks similar with every feature and more resembles from same manufacturer only.

According to researchers there is no special ingredient source that may improve the cognitive ability of brain just through consumption of essential pills. Brain function may sometime get altered due to health risks like brain stroke, diabetes, Parkinson etc, so in these cases Geniux may not prove to be a worthy choice except just a waste of money only.

Geniux is a very new arrival to market in the segment of nootropic supplements so there lacks enough customer review related to its consumption. A new product may never be used by millions and the landing page of product mostly describes fake reviews of customers that are applauding its features.

Still many have given 1 star rating to this product and are also responding with negative reviews, since the product fails to deliver result with the enhancement of cognitive ability.

Looking after the pricing policy of Geniux it looks a very expensive deal since you need to pay $39 including surcharges for 30 capsule bottles. The product also comes along with a 30 day refund policy and could only be cancelled after making a call to customer support department at 844-823-2257.

Overall we have a made a conclusion that there is very little evidence related to its ingredient quantity, bad and good effects. The product also lacks the manufacturer identity and is priced very high. The effects on brain with its use are all missing so better would be avoid this scam product. For brain health it would be best to consult physician for having good medication.

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