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From years, it has been a matter of concern for every women group who is undergoing menopause phase. Yes it is inevitable thing to control but mostly depends on the diet, weight and living standards of women, which is a key reason that affects differently from person to person. While these conditions occur women may experience sleepless nights, night sweats and hot flashes, which seriously gives them extreme pain most of the time.

There are various means to overcome the menopause issues and even by taking healthy food, supplements, yoga and exercises, women may feel much better. Recently I watched an online dietary supplement that was promising to overcome the issues of menopause, named as FemCool.

FemCool is also termed out to be a hormone regulator that fights against the bad hormone sources to overcome from the issues of mood swings, depression, reduced sex drive, night sweats, hot flashes and estrogen cancers.

The menopause cycle appears among women who cross certain age, and experience a decline to their estrogen and progesterone hormone. FemCool ensures that women stay in a healthy condition during their menopause cycle after consuming this dietary pill. The supplement even promises to control the hormonal imbalance and give about 79% control from the hot flash symptoms.

The product has been formulated with botanical extracts and meets the quality standards to give a risk free life after its consumption. Manufacturers have mentioned that “women who stick with FemCool for consistent time duration experience high energy boost, relief from menopause cycle and get a boost to their confidence with better sleeps at night. It even reduces the oxidative stress that occurs while crisis of estrogen imbalance.

The lists of ingredients that have been formulated to its bottle include tomato Lycopene, cranberry extract, HMRLignan, Di-Indoly Methane, Rosemary extract, alginate, gum acacia, pea protein, hypromellose, Dicalcium phosphate, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

If you have planned to make its purchase then you need to know the pricing range of the bottles as one bottle of FemCool costs $35.00, 2 bottles pack costs $66.50, and set of 3 bottles will ask you to pay $94.50. However these are just the starting price ranges and you would be charged with higher price in future after one month.

After several clinical studies we haven’t discovered out any real evidence showing that FemCool is really an effective formula that controls the menopause condition. The website hasn’t mentioned any customer reviews as well as ratings that decide whether the product is genuine or not, and again no identity of manufacturer is mentioned officially.

Every time when a buyer asks for trial online offers he or she only gets a big disappointment. I would suggest you to make a visit to physician instead of investing your money to these insecure supplements that only drive bad effects in end.

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