Natural Supplements to Enhance Your Performance in the Gym

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As time goes on, more and more people are starting to realize the importance of taking care of our health. Watching what we eat, exercising regularly and sleeping well is of great importance if we want to stay full of energy and active, especially as we get older.

But sadly, many times just eating healthy and doing a bit of exercise is not enough to reach the highest points of physical performance. Sometimes we need to help our bodies with some extra fuel. That is exactly what supplements are for.

The problem is, there is a huge amount of different types of supplements that we can choose from. Which ones are the best? Are all of them really that great? How can you distinguish which ones are a scam from those that really work? In this article, we will give you a list of the best supplements out there so you don’t get lost in between all the alternatives.

But first, what makes a supplement “good”? In this article, we will focus on three things:

  • The supplement must be natural, that is, has to be based on real food with the minimum amount of processing possible.
  • It has to help you achieve your goals in terms of general health, gym performance, or body composition.
  • It must be easy to get and to include in your normal diet.

With these three criteria in mind, we are ready to start with our best supplements list. Let’s go!

1- Whey powder

Whey powder

One of the most important things a person has to know regarding creating new muscles and getting bigger is that it’s fundamental to eat enough protein. However, with a normal diet, sometimes it can be very difficult to hit the adequate levels required for improving your muscle gains.

That’s where whey protein powder comes into play. In spite of its weird name, it is actually a very simple supplement: it’s nothing more than milk protein, isolated from all the other components of this drink.

Whey powder’s main benefit lies in the huge amount of raw nutrients inside of it. While eggs only have a protein value of 93, whey protein level is above 110. This means that it has a greater amino acid variety and that our body is able to absorb all of them more easily.

Another advantage of whey protein is that, as it is normally taken in the form of a milkshake, one can consume a bigger quantity of it without feeling full. This means that it is possible to raise the levels of protein we are eating above normal ones, so our muscles get more of the building blocks they need in order to get bigger.

2- Organic wheat grass juice powder

Organic wheat grass juice powder

The second supplement on our list is also one of the latest to become trendy inside the health industry. Also, a powder that one can use to prepare milkshakes with, it is made from the sprouts of wheatgrass, a variation of common wheat that has been proven to contain many beneficial substances.

This supplement is not aimed at raising the quantity of protein we eat in a day. Its main mission is to give us a vitamin and mineral boost. These types of substances are extremely important in order to maintain our body’s balance, and healthy levels of them do not easily achieve unless we eat huge amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Organic wheat grass juice powder’s main advantage, then, is that with a single glass of it we are giving our body the vitamins and minerals’ equivalent of several fruit pieces in an easy and tasty way. Due to its nutritional density (that is, the low amount of calories it contains if we compare them with its nutritional levels), it is generally considered a “superfood”.

Although not as popular as whey protein (yet), organic wheat grass juice powder promises to become one of the most used natural supplements in the fitness industry.

3- Caffeine


For some people, the biggest challenge in the fitness world is not building muscles, but losing fat and achieving a slim body. Sadly, if they try to use a protein supplement, they will not see a big difference in their looks; and in some cases, their body composition can even get worse.

Luckily, with the variety of products that exist nowadays, there is a natural supplement suitable for every need. In the case of people trying to lose fat, one of the most useful substances out there is caffeine. Naturally present in beverages such as coffee and tea, it is possible to take it directly in the form of a powder or a pill.

What are the benefits of caffeine? The first one is that, if you take it before training, it will boost your energy levels for that session. This will allow you to perform better, do a bigger effort, and in general be more productive that day in the gym.

But an even better benefit is that caffeine has the ability to boost your metabolism. This means that, even if you are not doing any exercise at all, your body will start burning your excess fat quicker and in a more efficient way. What can be better than losing weight while sitting down on the couch?

There are several options you can choose from if you want to start adding caffeine to your diet. The first one is to simply drink a beverage that includes it. If you want to take this route, the best ones are black coffee and green tea. Both have very high levels of caffeine but will add zero calories to your daily count.

Another option if you don’t like this type of drinks is to buy caffeine pills. They have the same benefits as coffee or tea but are easier to take. There is no right or wrong answer: which one you choose will depend on your taste and your lifestyle.

Of course, there are many more natural supplements you can take in order to improve your gym performance. However, these three are the most effective ones. Combining them with a good nutrition, an adequate exercise routine, and enough sleep, you can easily boost your health levels.





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