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The claims made by “Encante Cream”, is its ability to restore the youthful appearance of the face. Since it has ability to lift up the firmness of skin, protect skin from the damage of free radicals and remove the puffiness caused due to aging.

The formula claims to consist of ingredients that have natural blend of collagen boosting sources that work at cellular level to improve the Elastin production and improve the hydration of face. Still based on above results we have made a shocking discovery, Encante skin has poor ability to remove aging signs, while being an expensive anti aging formula.

Just like other trial based products sold online we figured out that Encante is also sold at $4.96 with a 14 day trial pack including surcharges. After 14th day of trial period you would be charged $89.67 and a one month supply would automatically get arrived. Still product is available with a 30 day refund policy but is quite a challenging task to return back the bottle. User needs to make a call to customer support department for getting their refund of money at 877-494-0812.

Simply Google the term “Anti Aging”, you would find various products on a trial basis related to anti aging solution. Simply click on the landing pages of websites and you would find that all look alike, except the bottle images. Even the manufacturers identity look similar and most of the customer support number are same. There is nothing different in features as well as design aspect and one could only expect same results with Encante cream too.

Unfortunately the product has only been granted 1 star rating due to its fake promises. The customer’s number are on rise who complain with its failure to deliver results, as promised. Even few of them have complained that company has refused to cancel their month trial and are not allowing for a refund of their money.

Another drawback of product that has been found here is its missing ingredient value. The creators didn’t declared the addition of all different ingredients to Encante cream and even their percentage in, which it has been added goes missing here. Some ingredients may prove to be good and some may prove to be bad, so user needs to be clear with the ingredients content in the formula.

We can only narrate that you need to stay away from this risky, trial based anti aging cream. Even it is not approved by food and drug administration and remains to be a very new product entry to market. A recommendation of dermatologist fits best related to skincare ability and often time enhances its beauty.

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