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Cellumis declares to be a revolutionary formula that treats the presence of aging signs by entering the cellular level of skin. Clinically proven ingredients added to this formula help up to smoothen the fine linings, repair dark circle appearance, reduce wrinkles and decrease the crow’s feet presence.

The product consists of two different combinations that work in just 90 days to deliver great results. The product promises to be an injection and pain free formula, which terms out to be a great substitute of Botox treatment.

Advanced eye gel of this formula claims to consist of Haloxyl that works to eliminate the dark circles and prevent under eye bags by enhancing the collagen production under skin dermal layer.

The second source of Cellumis is its age defying serum that includes Matrixyl to help in reducing the wrinkles, reduce skin pores and enhance the moisture level of skin.

Looking after the official website of this product it has been discovered out that Cellumis categorizes to those same trial based offers that hardly cost $4.77 but later charge higher price for its monthly orders. The images as well as landing pages look similar in various ways and do not include the manufacturer’s identity.

According to manufacturer’s the product includes various natural ingredients that help to give up to 75% improvement in skin firmness, reduce skin pores up to 92% and deliver results in just 15 days. Still the effectiveness of the ingredients like Matrixyl, Haloxyl, Deniskin and Eyeliss are not mentioned in any of the clinical studies. The question that has been raised every time is related to the researchers group of Cellumis who discovered out the features of these ingredients.

The official website of Cellumis after a thorough review doesn’t look a genuine laboratory and more resembles an independent network of affiliate group. Even the information given with the name of customer review doesn’t looks like a genuine one. These categories of anti aging products have just been rated with 1 star category and the majority of customer reviews are always against the working efficiency of the product.

The customer reviews are generally mentioned like: poor working efficiency and failure to deliver results, hassles while making a return of product, higher price charged despite of mentioning low priced product. All these experiences are similar happenings with the Cellumis too.

Cellumis is offered to customers with 14 day trial order that hardly costs around $4.99, after its expiry period a customer is charged with $98 for monthly bottle. The product comes along with a 30 day buy back guarantee and could be returned by making a call to customer support department, including surcharges. One needs to make a call to 877-590-1801 for further related inquiries.

Overall we would only term out this product as too expensive and less effective on skin tissues. If really serious to remove aging signs then have a consultation with dermatologist in advance for better experience.

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