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After a long wait we are here to welcome another eye-catching nootropic supplement “Brain Storm”, that promises to enhance the cognitive ability. According to manufacturers the product claims to enhance the full concentration level, give sharp focus on objects and give high alertness. The product also promises to nourish brain activities by delivering extra energy boosters.

All these nasty promises made by the manufacturer create a bit doubt in mind, as if they really are choice that every individual asks for? The website of Brain Storm even declares out the addition of ingredients like Vinpocetine 10mg, minerals, Panax Ginseng 400mg and Vitamin B6 10mg. Even the dose schedule has been mentioned thoroughly by its manufacturers asking to take at least 2 capsules on a daily basis.

Great innovation made by Brain Storm group, as they have made all best moves to hide the identity of product from being called as scam, but still truth never remains hided for long terms. We recently discovered out a few details about this product and shockingly there was no approval granted by food and drug administration to it.

The name and address of advertisers is all missing here and even the customer feedback (in genuine order) goes missing. There were few earlier brain supplements available in market with name of Neuro 3x, and shockingly this Brain Storm is revised version of the same manufacturer.

When it comes about the scientific benefits related to the ingredients added in Brain Storm like Panax Ginseng and Vinpocetine, there are few proven results showing that they help to improve the memory power. Even they can lift the sharpness level but overall the exact effectiveness goes missing. There is no clinical evidence showing the details that these ingredients can really improve the cognitive ability.

As far as promotion is concerned Brain Storm uses all unethical sources of promotion, which mostly looks similar to previous products in brain category. On the product bottle one may see a celebrity standing with high confidence and various media channels applauding this offer source. These all are only meant to distract customers and catch their eyes.

Please read the terms and conditions of Brain Storm manufacturers carefully otherwise you would be losing your precious money. The 1 bottle cost of Brain Storm is $53 and on ordering 2 bottles one extra bottle arrives free of cost. Do not get attracted towards these schemes as after the expiry of one month, with no invitation, a new bottle would arrive every month with a deduction made to your credit card.

The product also arrives with 30 day buy back guarantee but customer service seems to be very poor. You may only cancel your order by making a call to customer support department at 855-509-5718.

Manufacturer has made every possibility to show his product as a genuine brain booster but it lacks some serious notes regarding its effectiveness. If you are all prepared to make a buy to it then it would be better to consult a physician and if possible avoid using this harmful source ever.

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