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Life is all about adventure and thrills that an individual goes through, if he or she loves tracking or night out at rarest destinations. However, the most important thing while making your exploration remains is the survival as well as self defense. A situation may arrive where a dark place would force you to have lighting for hassle free movement and even stay alert with uncertain conditions.

Nominally it has been observed that trackers generally carry normal torch lights that work smoothly for few hours but get out of order soon. The recent trends of market has grown high due to increasing demand of tactical flashlights that unlike normal lights differ a lot and have long lasting battery life.

Recently I saw a new brand launch named as Blazeray Flashlight, which received various attention of users with its light weight material and durable components. According to manufacturers Blazeray uses T5 aluminum that is usually used in aircraft parts and is often considered as light weight material, which makes this flashlight easy to carry at worst places.

Blazeray Flashlight uses powerful light beam that would allow a strong beam of light even while you are stuck in dense forest or dark side road. It could also be used as a weapon for self defense against wild animals in dense forest.

A combination of 800 lumens bulb has been composed in the flashlight, which is the strongest light emitting source and is also used today by army and police forces. The light emission could also be adjusted as per the requirements with its low, medium and high, light conversion modes. The flashlight has also a build in GPS system that could be used to track location, and a compass fitted adds extra convenience to locate directions.

Blazeray Flashlight allows user to start the power source through two different battery mediums including Lithium Ion battery or three AAA size batteries. However you know well that these batteries could last only for few hours and don’t have durability to last for longer duration. This is a key drawback of this flashlight that doesn’t lasts for long time. Few users mentioned in a review that it lasted for 1 hour only if switched to medium light mode.

However the Lithium Ion battery comes along with a charging facility through potable charger but if you are in a dense forest or at hilly area, the charging facility would not be available anywhere and your flashlight would be of no use. The claim where this tactical light says that it is used by military personnel’s is all wrong because we never discovered out such type of lights used by those sources ever.

Blazeray Flashlight comes along with a zoom facility where it has capability for getting zoom up to 2000x. A radium ring is also fitted to surface of this tactical light, which helps to find this torch in case it has been lost in some dark and dense area.

Looking after the pricing range of this flashlight we discovered out that it costs around $57 for one flashlight, 3 Blazeray costs around $119, 5 Blazeray costs around $147 and pack of 10 Blazeray tactical light costs up to $360. Manufacturers have mentioned that flashlight is offered through discounted price mentioned above and comes along with additional shipping charges.

However, we were unable to discover out the exact details of the manufacturers and with that it becomes extremely complicated decision while purchasing Blazeray Flashlight. Even there is no listed refund and cancellation policy mentioned on the official website, so in case you ask for refund of money that may not be processed. You would not be able to find any contact number or mailing address of the manufactures to ask for queries or recommendations.

In a thorough research we checked the parts used in Blazeray Flashlight and shockingly entire components were Chinese stuffs. Once this tactical light gets out of order that would really be difficult to find the parts to reconstruct the light.

This tactical light gets broken easily as soon as it meets a contact with tough surface and has no water resistance capability. Do not immerse it in water to check its durability as promise made by manufacture is all wrong and your tactical light would definitely go out of order in such case.

After an investigation made with the official website it lacked enough customer reviews and feedbacks and this signaled it as very new website. There is many such type of website selling these flashlights at special schemes but like others there is nothing special to go for it at any point of time.

The pricing ranges are pretty expensive one and if you are really interested in grabbing such lights better move to local stores for getting best priced and quality stuff. You would be charged a higher amount through your credit card after days of making purchase, so it is a manipulating thing for customers.

The conclusion driven at the end only declares that no quality materials are used while constructing Blazeray Flashlight and the battery used in it doesn’t last long. The flashlight can break easily if falls on tough surface and in contact with water it would stop functioning and is fairly priced very high. So better ignore considering such type of tactical lights.