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It’s not associated with money that only keeps relationship bonding strong, rather there are few physical requirements of every male and female that is necessary to be fulfilled today. Despite of these requirements many male groups are unable to satisfy the physical requirements of their partner at bed. This only happens when male hormone testosterone starts to lose its formation resulting out in low sexual desires as well as erectile dysfunction.

Male group seldom get discouraged with low confidence due to their sexual issues and often consider few supplement sources that may boost their physical ability at once. Recently we observed a testosterone boosting supplement named as Bio-Hard that is more known to be a stamina enhancing source.

According to manufacturers “Individuals who are continuously suffering from low erection issues and even with low ejaculation time must consider using this supplement to supercharge their sexual ability”. They even declare that this supplement remains away from horrific negative effects and is composed with all natural ingredients. The product has capability to enhance the pleasure time at bed by giving longer staying power as well as giving a high boost to energy.

The lists of ingredients that have been added to this supplement source are categorized to Siberian Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium, Maca Root Extracts, Long Jack Extract, Horny Goat Weed, Minerals, Vitamins and Antioxidants. Creators describe these sources as safest part to enhance the sexual wellness but still after a careful investigation of these ingredients we never found any evidence that explained their real effectiveness.

The pricing of product is pretty expensive deal to suggest since product could only be availed through 14 day trial subscription and after its expiry term you would be allowed to pay $59.87 every month. The monthly subscription would keep on arriving until you ask for its cancellation. However cancelling the order is a task full of hassle here since there are no mentions of any customer support number or mail address, to contact for any inquiries or cancellations.

Creators have further explained that Bio-Hard is available in form of essential capsules with a 60 capsule supply. It is advised to consume one capsule daily, 45 minutes prior before going to bed. This would allow the capsule to get mixed in bloodstream and start working immediately.

Manufacturers have even declared that product is completely free from any kind of side effects but still there were many users complaining that they received headache, irritation, constipation and bloating issue. The group of individuals against this formula is increasing day by day since Bio-Hard is not performing to its expectations. The product is not approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and website is absolutely new to judge with its efficiency and popularity.

Are you suffering from low sexual desires and erectile disorder? Then it would be a best time to get consulted with physician and get best medication pattern that prove to be safe for health. Supplement pills are never a safe source despite of their excellent promises. We would only suggest our users to go for physician’s advice rather than wasting money on unnecessary items.

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