5 Creative Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable To Your Weight Loss Goals

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Unfortunately, losing a pound of weight is much harder than gaining a pound.  Because of this, it’s necessary to keep yourself on track in your journey to shed some weight. For you to have long-term success, constant accountability is very important.  Today we are going to discuss 5 creative ways to hold yourself accountable to your weight loss goals!

1.Determine the reason why you need to lose weight

This is always the first critical part that one has to think about in their weight loss journey. Write down your reasons and goals which will motivate you and keep you going in this journey. Try reading through these reasons daily so that they can remind you of your bigger goals ahead in case you may want to stray away.  

Some of the reasons you want to lose weight may include:
 -To look fit for an upcoming event
 -Preventing the occurrence of diabetes
 -Improving your confidence when walking around
 -To keep up with your grandchildren or even friends etc.

It’s good to start the journey of losing weight early. Don’t wait for your problem to reach the extent that the doctor has to tell you.  Research has proven that more success in weight loss will be realized from your own motivation. Come up with realistic expectations and goals that will not make you give up.


2.Become friends with a tape measure and weigh scale

The best way that you can hold yourself accountable and track your weight is by using a tape measure and a weigh scale. Measure your hips, waistline, thighs, calves and finally your weight at the start of your journey. This will help you to monitor the tangible progress as you go on.
Since fats take more volumes than muscles, you will probably expect to see some few drops of inches as you go on with the journey. Even if you don’t see this change, this will be a good motivation for you to continue pushing on. Don’t expect to get quick results, but rather be patient.
As weight might creep up over a short period of time if not checked, it’s good to regularly monitor it. Doctors have advised that people on a weight loss plan should choose to check their weight daily. This helps in keeping track of the progress and also helps to make any corrections on diet.

3.  Come up with a food diary

You probably understand that what you take into our body matters a lot. Do your research and get yourself a food diary that will work with your lifestyle. Write down the food that you take daily and mark X the ones that you may want to do away with. You can also choose to reduce the quantity of food you consume per day.
The best trick you to use for accountability here, is to check the food you are planning to take within that day immediately you wake up. This will give you more time to think about the food and the benefits it will have on your body. Avoid junk foods and unnecessary eating during the day. Put more fruits to your diet and you will be amazed by the results.

4.  Choose the right friends

Losing weight is not that easy. That is why you will need to have a friend’s who will keep motivating you and saying we are in this together. Having the right friends will give you a positive motivation for weight loss and also reinforce accountability. Choose to hang out with the kind of these friends who may be on the same weight loss journey as you. These friends will help you to stay on a diet and not stray away.
Since both you and your friends are all on this journey, they will have to understand that this is a competition. Everybody wants to lose weight hence you will need to keep up with the other and even top them. Having buddies that are relying on you as their role model, will somehow be an added advantage to you. This is because you will have to work harder to show them that you are already shedding off some weight.

5.  Use fitness tracking apps

Hiring a personal trainer is a good idea for accountability. But you don’t have to spend much on the fitness trainers. There are many apps that have been introduced which have proved to work very well. Some of these apps that you can easily download are SparkPeople, Lose It, MyFitness Pal and many more.
There are also fitness smartwatches that have been introduced. These watches are able to track down your day’s activities and analyze the data to give you an estimate of how much calories you may have lost. Some of these smartwatches will give you ideas on how you can lose more weight after analyzing your day’s activities. This is very much better than a personal trainer since the app will understand your days very well.
The doctors have also recommended that it is good for people trying to lose weight to make at least 10000 steps a day. Walking will definitely not be a hard exercise for anybody who wants to lose weight. You can track your steps by getting yourself a pedometer or even download an app that turns your phone into a pedometer. Having some of these fitness tracking apps will help you stay accountable for your weight loss journey.

In conclusion

Your hard work will definitely be seen when you attain the shape and weight that you want. So at this time, you can choose to reward yourself for success. But how do you do this? The best way to reward yourself is to stay accountable. Keep maintaining that ideal weight that you have achieved. Avoid calories as much as possible as they are responsible for weight gain. Celebrate even the little success that you achieve in this journey. With proper support and motivations, you will reach your goals


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