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If You Are Struggling with Staying Fit at Work, You Will Need Fresh Ideas to Keep You Active. Here Are Some Tips to Help You Stay Active and Have Fun with a Sedentary Job. No ratings yet.

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Among the struggles of office jobs today is staying motivated, and squeezing in the time to do a basic workout is even harder, especially when the job is very demanding of your time and resources. Even though it is a great thing to work for an organization that gives you the opportunity for lunchtime yoga class and rock climbing walls in the office, most organizations do not have such opportunities, and people are now struggling with fitness issues.

However, working in an office job does not mean you stay unfit, as there are options you can explore to keep staying healthyevery day. Here are some easy tips you can implement.

Start your days by walking to work

Getting fit does not mean you have to sign up for an expensive gym membership – sometimes, the simplest looking routines are the most effective.

When you choose to walk to your workplace, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you inevitably boost your energy levels as you prepare yourself for a long day at your desk. In case you live too far away from your workstation, there is no need to worry – you can choose to alight your morning bus to work or park a few blocks away from your workplace building and walk the rest of the way. If you choose to park within the compound, you can take a walk around the building before you head inside.

The routine might make you take up more time than you usually would, but you can offset that by sleeping and waking up slightly earlier. In addition, it may look too simple to be effective, but it is worth the sacrifice in the long run.

Wake up earlier

Wake up earlier

When you set your alarm even half an hour earlier than when you usually wake up, it can give you plenty of allowance time to squeeze in a workout session before you head off to work. The more you do it and get used to the habit, the more your overall metabolism improves and your ability to focus on your work also goes up.

Opt for the stairs

Similar to the approach of walking to work, get every chance you can to stretch your muscles and improve your activity levels – that means opting for the stairs as well. If you have the choice between the elevator and the stairs, it is better to choose the stairs.

It may seem simple, but this is the best way to sneak in some exercise to burn extra calories, as well as being one of the easiest ways to give your legs some strength training, something you may find it difficult to get time for outside work.

Unplug your coffee pot

If there is ever an amazing office prop that helps keep your energy levels going, it is coffee. It helps you with energy to face your day with confidence, and it also gives you the perfect excuse for midday breaks. However, the buzz it gives you will stop after a few cups even though it never stops giving you irritability, muscles tension and anxiety. You can click here for more information on the effects of coffee, which are similar to those of a drug.

This does not mean you suddenly drop the idea of drinking coffee – many people need it to give them energy to go through their days. However, it is good to consider lowering your intake gradually b replacing it with non-caffeine options – try green tea, decaffeinated coffee, or natural energy boosters, and so on. Before you realize it, you will not need coffee in your life again, or you will not need it in large amounts in future.

Exercise your gluteal muscles

Exercise your gluteal muscles

There is an unconfirmed theory that sitting for many hours will cause your hips to spread out and buttocks to flatten. Even if this is not proven scientifically, there is an element of truth, as many women who have desk-bound jobs will testify.

Even if you do not have time to go to the gym, doing glute exercises such as squats periodically for a few minutes can help strengthen your backside and keep it in shape. The benefits do not just pertain to body attractiveness though – because glutes are a part of your core muscles, strengthening them will result in better posture even as you sit at your desk.

Pack your lunch bags and avoid fast food

It is a no-brainer that fast food is detrimental to fitness goals, especially when you consume it on a regular basis. It is also not a secret that breakfast consumption helps you to lose weight faster, but it is even more essential that it remains healthy.

First of all, it is tempting to go to a drive-thru and order your breakfast from there as you go to work – but this is more detrimental because the energy you are supposed to get does not last for a long time. In addition, it only take s a few minutes to pack a healthy lunch and snack option for your day, so take advantage of the opportunity and start eating healthy. After all, you are what you eat.

In case your workmates invite you for a lunch-out session, then you can choose healthy options – there are guidelines you can follow when you want to stay healthy while eating out, so you have no excuse.

Adjust your work area

Adjust your work area

Working at a desk job from 9 to 5 does not mean you stay there the whole day without giving you an opportunity to move around. If your desk allows you to adjust its height, take advantage of that chance and work when you are standing. What makes it even better is that you can alternate from standing to sitting and vice versa, so that you stay comfortable and burn calories at the same time.

The advantage is also that your postural muscles get to work, meaning that you become more flexible and avoiding issues such as back pain and headaches.

Final thoughts

Being in a desk job, it might be challenging to work and keep fit at the same time. However, it is good to take advantage of the small opportunities to maintain fitness and keep being active – they might seem small, but they are effective at the end of the day.

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