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More volume does not necessarily mean better-looking lashes. In fact, heavily applied extensions can look tacky and unprofessional. Sometimes, the good old classic. 7mm pair might look better than the full voluminous Russian set. If you want to know why sometimes less is actually more than keeps on reading!

The Difference between Classic and Extreme Lash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are applied as natural as possible along with your natural eyelashes and on top of your lash line. Once correctly applied, they make the eyes stand out, and they give them a soft glam look. Also, the proper application will enhance your outer or inner portion of the eye, based on the eye shape you have. Not everyone can achieve the same look, and not everyone can wear the same lash successfully, therefore it is crucial to visit a highly trained lash esthetician.

Extreme and voluminous lash extensions can look beautiful on their own. In fact, the so-called ”Russian Volume” is worldwide famous, beautiful, and many women love that drama look. Once properly applied, this set can look glamorous and red-carpet ready. However, there are some issues that you might face if you wish to have the extreme set.

The Downside to Voluminous Lashes

More Lashes

Proper Appliance

Voluminous looking extensions sometimes end up being overstocked. For instance, some technicians will use up to 6 extensions per your natural lash. This does give you the desired volume, but it also weighs down your lashes. Some women might even end up with watery or irritated eyes since 6 lashes per your natural lash is a lot, plus the appliance takes forever. Know that you can have a minimum of 2 lashes applied on top of your natural lashes. Women who have extremely thin or short lashes can’t have more than 2-3 extensions on.

Too Heavy

Once your extensions are applied they might feel uncomfortable. Some lash estheticians will apply your wanted volume no matter the lash type or eye type you have. However, everyone’s eye is different. Some women have very sensitive eyes that can’t handle 6 lashes. Your beautician should determine the eye shape you have, and only proceed with the application if you have a stronger lid. If not, your eyes will look tired and will be weighed down.



The more lashes you apply, the more shedding you might experience. If you are someone who hates getting refills or if you are on vacation, more lashes might not be the best option for you. If you don’t have time or you simply don’t want to be bothered by the shedding, don’t go for a voluminous lash.


Clumping of your lashes will occur due to higher volume. Some inexperienced technicians will leave you with a ”bushy” looking lash, which will create unwanted thickness all over the eye. If you have naturally sparse lashes, this might bother you and cause your eyes to water, or even cause some irritations. To avoid clumping and falling of the lashes, rather stick up to 3 extensions per lash.

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