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Many conditions require almost immediate relief if the patient is going to have a good quality of life and some of the pharmaceutical drugs on the market simply aren’t providing that in a safe manner. Some drugs don’t even work at all, leading researchers to explore new biological systems, such as the endocannabinoid system, to come up with novel treatment ideas. This explains the rise in popularity of cannabis-based treatments, like CBD products, which promises a therapeutic experience, sans the psychoactive effects marijuana is known for.

Cannabis is smoked as both a recreational herb and a medicine, with some users finding that relief comes much faster than with traditional tablets – and they are right, the absorption of cannabinoids through tissue in the lungs takes less time than absorption via the stomach, which also involves the first-pass metabolism process. The benefits of CBD and non-psychoactive cannabis have emerged in the 21st century, as scientists ascertain the properties of cannabinoids in an isolated state.

Many vapers are former smokers, and CBD vaping is an interesting choice as there are signs that the cannabinoid has anti-addictive qualities, which may help with breaking a nicotine addiction. In addition to this, CBD can help to relieve pain, tackle inflammation and also manage debilitating mental health conditions. The Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD), part of the World Health Organization (WHO) have found that CBD has no abuse potential, which makes it categorically safer than opioid-based drugs, which have risks of tolerance and addiction.

Digging down on the Benefits of Cbd Vape Oil

CBD vape oil and e-liquid products are typically made with two main ingredients: a hemp or high-CBD cannabis extract, and a carrier oil -either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG). Fear in the media about the safety of vaporizing has been rife, with accusations that there isn’t enough long-term evidence.

Digging down on the Benefits of Cbd Vape Oil

However, ground-breaking research from Public Health England in 2015 revealed that long-term vaping is “95 percent safer than smoking.” Factors for this include not being exposed to toxins and carcinogens, which reduces the risk of lung cancer. Preventing tar accumulation in the lungs also protects health.

One reason why smokers can age faster than non-smokers is due to free radical aging, which causes the skin to deteriorate faster because of uncharged molecules in the smoke. But these free radicals are not present in vapor.

The industrial hemp plant is a cannabis offspring, and while it has very miniscule amounts of psychoactive THC, rendering it useless as a recreational strain, the concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) have made it useful for the medicinal and alternative health industries. Hemp plants very rarely exceed 0.3 percent THC, and hence aren’t banned or restricted like cannabis with THC. Hemp products have multiple dietary and therapeutic uses.

When purchasing a CBD vape oil or e-liquid, scouting around for a high-quality product is essential, especially online where products cannot be tested beforehand. The onus has been on CBD companies to verify the standard of products, as the industry is not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Third-party laboratories are used to test oils, providing consumers with information about the cannabinoid profile, source of the hemp and extraction method used. Be wary of companies that use in-house testing over third parties, as this opens the door to manipulation of results. Products made via supercritical CO2 extraction are purer, as byproducts are filtered out more efficiently than with mother methods – as a bio-accumulator, hemp is notorious for picking up metals and toxins while in the ground.

As CBD does not affect the user’s mental state, much more potent doses can be tolerated by the body than with THC. However, as with any new product, it’s better to build up from smaller quantities. In lesser amounts, CBD can have concentration-enhancing effects, but its impact is more sedative in large doses.

Why Cbd E-Liquid Is More Effective Than Other Cbd Products

Consider the predicament of a patient with chronic pain: they want to go about their life as normal, but the onset of sharp and sudden discomfort prevents them from doing so. They can take medication, but the lengthy wait before the pain begins to subside affects their ability to complete day-to-day objectives. Yet by vaping CBD, these symptoms can be tackled and suppressed within five minutes or less. Various potencies are available, and CBD concentrates offer even more powerful relief. If a top-up is needed, the user can simply take another draw – as the effects are noticeable so quickly, it’s easy for them to gauge when they’ve had enough. In contrast, with CBD edibles, users are recommended to wait up to two hours before strengthening the dose.

Why Cbd E-Liquid Is More Effective Than Other Cbd Products

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This is not to downplay the quality of edibles, and in other areas – such as discretion – they can outshine vaporizing. But from a mere efficiency perspective for a long list of conditions, speedy and substantial relief is paramount. Users also get lots of choice with e-liquids, from full-spectrum to isolated products, to flavored and flavorless vape juices.

Using Cbd Vape Oil Effectively and Efficiently

Due to the stigmas that have blighted the reputation of cannabis for decades, it’s no wonder that some hold reservations about using any cannabis-based product, even with assurances that it won’t get them “high”. Also, those who have never smoked may be apprehensive about vaporizing. If vaping seems a daunting process, here’s some advice to get the ball rolling.  

Buying a low-potency bottle to begin with, say a 100mg bottle, allows for small doses. Noting down the experiences with various amounts will help with determining the most effective and economic way to use the product. There’s no upside in taking more than is necessary – this will just increase the level of sedation, while upping the cost. Many have the urge to blow big clouds when vaping, as this is what they see others doing either in public or in promos. However, a more efficient way to use CBD is by taking smaller draws, waiting a minute or two between each to judge the effects.

To get even more control over the dose, instead of using a vaporizer with a refillable tank, invest in a device which accepts disposable cartridges – maintenance in public can be easier with these than with refillables. Generally, these are designed to have a set number of “doses,” with a set amount of e-liquid released for each draw.

Why try CBD?

CBD has several therapeutic uses as the cannabinoid which regulates the endocannabinoid system, helping to keep mental and physical variables in balance. This is achieved by influencing the receptors, enzymes and endocannabinoids in the system. CBD is used to improve sleep patterns, relieve pain, regulate immune system response, enhance mood, boost appetite, and further possibilities are being uncovered year on year.

Why try CBD?


Fibromyalgia is a baffling illness, with a wide array of symptoms that would typically be viewed as unconnected – such as physical pain and depression. However, the work of Dr Ethan Russo and others has advanced the concept of Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency, which pins the underlying cause of fibromyalgia to dysfunction in the endocannabinoid system.

The body must produce enough anandamide and 2-AG so that mechanisms in the endocannabinoid system can function – if these aren’t there, then problems arise. A lack of anandamide could lead to increased pain and a decline in mood, as less of the neurotransmitter is available to bind with the vanilloid receptor and the CB1 receptor. As a compound that elevates endocannabinoid concentrations, CBD looks an ideal treatment for fibromyalgia. As the condition has no confirmed cause, expect more scientific progress in this field.


Inflammation is a broad topic, and is responsible for acne, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and potentially even depression – a trio of conditions with seemingly nothing in common. However, the CB2 receptor can be agonised to regulate inflammation, and studies have shown that endocannabinoids can essentially switch this unhelpful process off. CBD ensures these endocannabinoids make the connections in the endocannabinoid system that they need to.


Final Thoughts

Anybody can try vaping CBD, and the all-round health benefits that it offers are why many vapers stick at it after treating their initial ailment. Hemp-derived CBD products – such as CBD gummy bears, syrups, concentrates and oils – are not restricted, and nor is a medical marijuana card needed to buy them. As our endocannabinoid system knowledge deepens, and mainstream scientists become more familiar with cannabis research, interest in CBD and new uses for the substance should emerge.

And while vaping is unconventional and still not fully accepted, the development of these devices shows that technology can improve the public health. Users can still medicate with as speedy a treatment as smoking, without having to suffer deterioration in their lungs as a payoff.

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