The Hidden Ab Muscle That Will Get You a Six-Pack

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Almost every man who is in fitness dreams of getting the six-pack to show it to the whole world. Some will spend all their free time doing the army style situp, crunches, chest press and lift all the possible weights. Others will go for the steroids catalog to boost their performance. But the big question is: what do the experts say?

Most of the fitness experts agree that people do not have to kill themselves at the gym to get the six-pack. There is a simpler way to substitute the efforts at the gym. They say that most people have not heard about a hidden special ab muscle that they need to discover and their lives will be changed.  

The Hidden Special Ab Muscle

Professionally, this muscle is called the Transverse Abdominus. Its main responsibility is to make your body stable. The reason most people do not know much about it is that it is hidden at the back of the abdomen muscles. Some sources report that the arm trainers usually target this muscle at all times and can really make it painful for starters.

When the muscle gets the best exercises, it becomes strong and everything around it will follow suit. We all know that soldiers are strong and have a great balance. Both their tummies and the backs are so strong that you can mistake them for a wall. The secret is in targeting the Transverse Abdominus with the right exercises.

What Makes All the Difference?

As much as this muscle is rarely spoken about, there is much difference that comes with its proper workouts. The muscle has a direct connection with the stomach muscles, the ribs, pelvis and the back. In other words, this is a perfect definition of the core muscles. From this, proper exercises that target it will be of great use.

The hardest part is to exercise this muscle the right way. Some people give it a shallow though even when they know it is there. Most of the workouts that we already know to benefit the abs rarely have an impact on this. However, with the right information on what workouts and how to do them, achieving positive results will be a great deal.

Right Exercises for the Transverse Abdominus

Focused crunch is what the army sergeants will go for when they are targeting this muscle. It has a lot of differences from the normal crunches we are used to. Its main aim is to bring the Transverse Abdominus muscle into action and start feeling the burden of carrying the pressure.

Another exercise that army drill trainers never miss is the scissor kicks. If you are a footballer, this is a trick that can help you score. When done well, they touch right into this muscle and bring it to actions. Enough scissor kicks will never disappoint you. After all, soldiers rely on these.


Getting a six pack is very easy when you know about the Transverse Abdominus. Better still doing the workouts that directly target the muscles is a great target. Probably, you will have to copy a lot from the army exercise archives. All the best!

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