Six reasons you need to go for a dental checkup regularly

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It is understandable that making a dentist appointment is not the most exciting task there is, especially when you have to do it on a regular basis. However, it remains one of the most important appointments you can make for the sake of your health. In case you are among the many that wonder what makes going for dental checkups worthwhile. 

It may seem easy to skip a dental checkup because it may not seem that important, or due to other factors such as anxiety or time constraints, but you need to weigh all the risks of not going in the first place. It will cost you too in the long term, both in your piece of mind and your wallet. Here are some important reasons you need to see your dentist on a regular basis.

Early detection of oral cancer

Oral cancer may not be as common as other forms of cancer, but it is still lethal. It is a very serious disease, which manifests itself in different ways. When you do not know the signs of its development or go for checkups, it can progress quickly – and when you discover it, it is often too late to reverse its effects. Fortunately, early detection is easily treatable.

Dentists are often highly trained to not only diagnose problems with your teeth and gums, but also the signs of oral cancers. When you go for regular checkups (at least once every six months), it is very easy to detect the signs much earlier. While you may not experience or feel any abnormalities in your health, your dentist will see them.

Examination methods are not uncomfortable, if that is among your fears. They are pain-free and non-invasive, and last for a few minutes at the most. That this examination does is detecting any invisible signs of dead tissue that is due to tumors through shining a special light in the mouth.

Detects cavities, tartar and plaque

 Detects cavities, tartar and plaque

Even if you happ en to be the most dedicate person in terms of brushing your teeth and flossing them, there are still areas of your mouth you cannot reach when you do these activities normally. The more plaque builds up and hardens, the harder it becomes to remove. It gradually solidifies and hardens into tartar, which is very difficult to remove unless you get professional help.

The more you go for regular checkups, the more chances you get of having your teeth professionally cleaned, and they have less chances of creating tartar which can lead to tooth cavities or enamel erosion. This is because cavities happen very gradually and silently, and they will only result in tooth aches once a significant part of the tooth has been eroded. Once the damage is complete, you have to go to a dentist to have the cavities filled and the teeth fixed.

All of these problems will be avoided if you go for regular checkups that deal with plaque as soon as it forms. In addition, keep in mind that it is more affordable to go for a teeth cleaning appointment compared to fillings.

Prevents gum disease

 Prevents gum disease

The buildup of plaque and tartar does not only affect your teeth, but they also lead to erosion of the gum tissue. This is because their buildup will result in infections where the tooth and gum are connected, and makes the gum pull away from the tooth gradually. This gum disease is referred to as gingivitis, and it eventually results in the breakdown of the gum tissue that attaches the gums to the teeth.

Once it reaches that point, it is now gum disease, and its symptoms include bleeding, soreness in the mouth and swellings. In addition, the jaw bones that hold the teeth in place also break down, leading to the loosening or falling out of teeth. At this point, you need to undergo drastic and urgent treatment methods, which have to be carried out by a dental specialist.

This will not only blow your wallet, but will also take a lot of time because of all the intensive treatments you must go through – including surgery, medication, and deep cleaning.

Helps in reducing bad habits

 Taking chewing gum

There are very many bad habits you may be doing, which all have a negative impact on your overall health, and many of these things are unknown to you. Some of them including chewing of ice, grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw, biting your nails, brushing teeth too hard, eating very sticky sweets, drinking red wine and coffee, and smoking.

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When you visit your dentist in Phoenix for checkups, they can examine your teeth for any presence of oral damage that these habits have done. The more you are informed of these habits, the more you can change your lifestyle choices to stop further damage from happening. It allows you to fix the damage that has occurred, and allows your dental health to flourish.

Spotting any unseen problems using x-rays

 Spotting any unseen problems using x-rays

Among the most important examinations when you visit your dentist is having your jaw bone and teeth x-rayed. This will allow the dentist to spot any potential problems underneath the mouth surface, ad quickly diagnose any problems.

Such problems include impacted teeth (growing teeth that are blocked from pushing up the gum line), which is a common problem seen in wisdom teeth. In addition, there is easier spotting of damages to the jawbone, or any decaying. These include cysts, swellings, as well as tumors – things that are very difficult to see as they develop without x-ray imaging. This will also ensure you receive early treatment.

Checking your lymph nodes

Aside from checking the gums, teeth and jaw bones, your dentist will also examine your lymph nodes, neck, and head, for any swellings or abnormal growths. Any of these indicates an underlying health issue, so they will refer you to another medical professional.

Final thoughts

Regular dental checkups can save you a lot of trouble in future, because they help you to safeguard your health in better ways. If you may have thought it is not important, then you need to start incorporating it as regularly as possible.

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