Most people with addictions also have other mental health issues

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People who are battling with addiction often have a mental health issue behind it. Most of the time, people who are struggling with mental health issues are the ones who often resolve to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. This can affect someone’s ability to function properly at work, school, and in their day to day activities. And worst of all, both co-occurring disorders can affect each other. If the root problem of the mental issue is not treated, addiction to substance or alcohol can only get worse. So it is important that when treating an addiction, one should look for the root issue of the problem. Visiting a treatment center like Laguna Shores Recovery that will help deal with both issue is important.

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Seeking help is important in this matter because most of the time, people who suffer from these use one of these symptoms to try to treat the other. For instance, people who struggle with an undiagnosed mental problem will often find comfort in alcohol or drugs to ease any difficult emotions or to lighten their mood. However, doing so can only make things worse. You cannot relieve a mental problem by cloaking it with another problem.

Over time, addiction to alcohol or drugs can worsen the symptoms of mental health. With the use of a substance, it can increase the symptoms of mental illness and may even result in new ones. Alcohol and substance abuse can also interact with medications like anti-anxiety pills, mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and more.

For this very reason, treating these co-occurring disorders must be done simultaneously. It does not matter which problem came first. If we are looking for long-term recovery, it is extremely important that both problems are treated simultaneously in order to be provided with the right solutions. Mental health problems may be treated with medication, counseling, changes in lifestyle, and peer support. And at the same time, detoxification comes in the process as a treatment for substance abuse. One may experience a lot of withdrawal symptoms which is why it is very important to seek professional help in this matter so it can be managed accordingly.

Always keep in mind that there is always hope and that relapses are part of the recovery process. If you relapse, don’t get too discouraged immediately. These things happen but when you are committed to getting better, you will soon get nearer on recovery.

Make sure that when you are seeking treatment, find the right program and only go to licensed and accredited centers to ensure that you get the right treatment methods. Moreover, make sure that the program is proven to have had already experience with a particular mental health issue. Some programs like treating anxiety or depression may not work with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. So before getting into one, make extensive research about the program that you will be taking and see how effective it is.

It’s never too late to seek treatment with mental health issues and addictions. There is always hope for recovery even when you think there isn’t.

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