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Patriot Power Green is a new arrival green drink dedicated to soldiers. This great to taste drink is created with the power of 10 probiotics, 38 fruits & vegetables along with special digestive enzymes. Confused regarding its feature and characteristics? Need not to worry just go through the below review for more information…

Considering the health and stamina resources of military personnel’s of US, Patriot Power Green is a new green drink created just to boost up their endurance, stamina as well as vigor. Having connection with military officials this product has been named as “Patriot” and is a super delicious food drink combined with various organic root powders.

Thanks to Dr. Lane Sebring M.D who after a thorough research demanded for something special related to food, which actually keeps the soldiers active and nourished all time. He narrated that moving under direct sun with no break proves worst for health and most of the time soldiers suffer with fatigue, joint and back pain, nervous breakdown as well as heart disease.

To sort out those health issues Patriot Health Alliance produced Patriot Power Green, consisting of nutrients as well as natural food sources to keep the military personnel’s active, energized and improve their livelihood.

According to manufacturers “Patriot Power Green consists of essential herbs, nutrients as well as real food sources for better outcomes and there are no additions of artificial sweetener or added sugar”. The listed ingredients as mentioned on its bottle include…

All these additions make Patriot Power Green a super 15 calorie health boosting drink and may prove to be safe for diabetic and blood sugar patients in some case. We would never recommend elderly group individuals to go for supplementation as same case may not arrive anytime. The results arriving from it may differ a lot depending on the user’s health as well as the way it is being used.

The most important part related to Patriot Power Green is its ingredients value and functionality. The first key addition of this green drink includes “kale” that has power to restrict the formation of free radicals since it has valuable antioxidants and nutritional value. But still in what amount exactly kale has been added to this supplement is not declared officially. The second key addition here is 1 gram of “Organic Spirulina” but still how much serving to add on a daily basis needs explanation from its manufacturers.

This is the story related to this supplement that doesn’t clears out the best outcomes as well as its negative sides. Supplement may conditionally prove great as well as worst depending on the user’s health. However after observing listed ingredients there hardly arrives a chance of side effect but still every new user must get consulted with a medical expert before starting the dose.

According to manufacturers there would be a supply of 3 different cost bottles including a 30 day supply, 90 day supply and 120 day supply. The product comes along with free shipping and is expected to get delivered within 15-20 days after its booking and it has a money back guarantee too. The official website is only liable to make the sale of its product including shipping and handling.

Patriot Health Alliance currently is making a sale of Patriot Power Green but was originally created by Dr. Lane Sebring. He also claims to be a veteran of US Air Force and was also observed on television describing about his product that has ability to fight against aging issues. For product related information you may contact the company at or by making a call to toll free number 1-800-230-8956. The company head office is located in Nashville and it was founded by Jeff Reagan, specializing in selling different varieties of supplement sources. It’s necessary that you take a close look regarding the creator as well as feature of this product before starting the course schedule since what can be the final output is still a big question mark among users.

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