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The search for best grooming collection never ends, whether it’s about improving your skin or giving a style to your beard. Men are now more style focused towards their beard style that leads them to deliver masculine and dashing appearance.

Still there are thousands of group suffering with low beard hairs and ask desperately for beard grooming kits. With growing demand manufacturers are now distributing various brands in market with special promises being made.

Another new arrival to market that marked its impression was named as Million Dollar Beard Club, which includes different beard styling products in one package.

Dollar Beard Club

Million Dollar Beard Club is a simple subscription package where individuals would avail different categories of beard oils, waxes, brushes, balm, beard shampoo, beard vitamin serum, growth oil and body wash.

The products are tested and composed with high quality ingredients and arrive as label of US manufacturers where you may invest few dollars to enhance your facial appearance because your personality has worth value.

So far the evaluations are done personally by author and it is his own experience, which must not be considered as final answer. Along with that you would avail special accelerators that help to keep improving your beard hairs and make it thick and shinier.

The basic necessities offered with Million Dollar Beard Club include special hygiene products that include comb and money clip for simple styling of beard appearance.

The essentials offered with Million Dollar Beard Club lead to improve the beard health and remove all issues of dandruff and itching. It also initiates to make your beard growth faster and make hair follicles smoothers.

The pricing is usually done through subscription basis and would cost you few dollars every month. Some of the listed prices mentioned on official website are as following: Beard Oil -0.5 Oz: $1, Growth Oil -1 Oz: $8, Beard Brush ($9), wax at $6.00, body wash at $9.00, shampoo at $17.00, Balm at $7.00, cream at $8.00, money clip at $19 and comb at $5.00.

The prices are to be charged every month with the subscription and there is no refund back option and cancellation of orders allowed and shipping charges apply additionally. Make sure you are above 25 years of age before starting up application procedure of Million Dollar Beard Club products.

Million Dollar Beard Club product collections are not meant to treat any skin or hair issues and its final result would vary from person to person. It is necessary to have an allergic test before starting up the grooming process of your beard.

The product is currently available for the residents of US and Canada but it has not been evaluated by food and drug administration (FDA). You may experience some irritation and itches while applying wax, cream or balm so it’s better to get consulted with skin expert before starting up the trial.

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