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You would have surely heard about the “Law of attraction”, which more resembles way of thinking and improving the life situation by lifting it up from darkness to real world glaze. Often times this law has been used as a means to change the pattern of living that could be availed easily through various books and course studies mentioned online.

However it is a possibility that situation may not favor you to learn law of attraction due to insufficient and unexplained source material of that book. A book written by Heather Matthews named as Manifestation Miracle is a new theory explained for making the idealistic changes to life.

In short the key manual of Manifestation Miracle is 159 page written projects that include some achievements to make through a short change in your behavioral pattern and make your life easier and glorious. Along with manual user would also get an access to mp3 audio, series of video chapters and few manifestation audio recording to listen.

The manual has various included parts that describe the basics of manifestation, how it affects the life of individuals and some activities to draw a sketch as what you really want from your life to achieve. The 5 different chapters explained are towards your inner feelings and how to get a good gripping on your life in control.

Heather Matthews has also explained that after completing 5th chapter you would be able to experience a positive change that has encountered in your life and making it joyful and enthusiastic. However how and what type of rule has been applied in the book in hard to understand and chances of getting accurate results are very tough.

The mp3 version of audios as well as 22 listed videos provided along with Manifestation Miracle works as guide and describe the changes that some other individuals experienced through this manual book.

As far as pricing is concerned the Manifestation Miracle entire kit is available at a price of $590 and $239 that also offers 60 day buy back guarantee for dissatisfied users. So far such huge pricing has really made things difficult for us and would cause deep concern for new users as the result received here is not guaranteed.

Looking after its official website we never found any real evidence of proof that really showed the effectiveness level of Manifestation Miracle and it is also lacking essential customer reviews and ratings. The website is not listed under better business bureau and is lacking essential customer reviews and ratings so that puts a red signal as this product may only enter to a scam category with no actual proof to declare its effectiveness level.

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