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One of the challenges of the keto diet is it’s tough to throw something together quickly that aligns with the diet. In this article we will talk about different keto on the go options.

Coffee can be a lifesaver

If you are a coffee drinker, whether it be bulletproof coffee or black coffee, it can be a lifesaver on the keto diet. Either can be an option on the diet. Let’s discuss how they both can be a great option to curb hunger when you are busy.

Coffee can be a lifesaver

Bulletproof coffee can pretty much serve as a meal. Whether you pack a thermos filled with bulletproof coffee or keep the means necessary to make bulletproof coffee in your work refrigerator or pack it with you, it is a way to keep you from needing anymore to eat for hours. If you make bulletproof coffee, it provides the nutritional value needed

Black coffee also works great for someone looking for an on the go option for the ketogenic diet. While it doesn’t have the nutritional value of bulletproof coffee, it definitely serves as an appetite suppressant. If someone has another hour or two before they are able to get to a kitchen then a cup of black coffee can get them to that point easily.

Grab a bag of almonds

When it comes to gas station snacks, people on the keto diet don’t have many options. You can find the typical types of snacks at a gas station that don’t belong in the same sentence as keto: hotdogs, donuts, strombolis, etc. When most people think of food in a gas station, those are the things that come to mind first and they move on to a new option.

Grab a bag of almonds

There is one very reliable low carb snack in most gas stations and convenience stores. Almonds! You don’t want to eat a ton of almonds every day, but they are a very filling snack that can get someone on to their next meal. Grab a bag of almonds and a cup of black coffee and you will be good to go until you are able to get to your next keto-friendly meal.

Keto fast food options

Believe it or not, fast food is an option on the keto diet. Let’s go over some tips on how to grab a keto-friendly bite to eat at a fast food restaurant.

Bunless burgers are a great option. You can do the same option with breakfast sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches or any other sandwich that includes meat and no breading or high-carb toppings or condiments.

A la carte breakfast items also work very well on the keto diet. For instance, at McDonald’s you can order eggs, bacon and sausage $1 each and put together a very filling breakfast for $3-$4.

Keto fast food options

It gives you more options when you grab the mobile app for each fast food restaurant you go to. The app contains every option on the menu. It also allows you to make modifications to your order, making them keto-friendly. Also it shows coupons and deals that are available at the restaurants. Saving money won’t keep you in ketosis, but it is still nice.

If you are looking for information on eating keto-friendly at specific fast food restaurants, check out these two guides:

Eating keto at McDonald’s

Eating keto at Taco Bell

The important thing to remember when you are maintaining the keto diet while living a busy life is to remain committed! If you are determined to do what it takes, you will succeed. Whether you use one of the options above or just push your meal back a couple hours, you can do this!

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