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Beauty treatment business is reaching new heights with the latest therapies, cosmetics and herbal products. You can find countless products with attractive labels for a single skin issue at cosmetic shops. Open a newspaper or switch on the TV, the advertisements of looking attractive have occupied all classified sections.

Nevertheless, most of them are counterfeit and even imply negative impacts on body too. Instead of preferring cosmetics, it’s better to move towards a better alternative of light therapy. Nowadays, the light of IPL machines is healing many complicated skin issues successfully. It is not a new concept, however unknown to substantial criteria of people. Here you will come to know all aspects related to IPL machine that can help in deciding whether to go with it or not.

What Is IPL Technology?

IPL aka Intense Pulse Light is a broad spectrum of wavelength that is used to heal several skin issues such as skin pigmentation, sun damage, acne, wrinkles and unwanted hair too. A flashgun is attached with a high-intensity machine that generates enough power to emit a visible spectrum of light. Generally, the spectral range of a typical IPL machine is between 400 to 1200nm that can be controlled according to the sensitivity of skin. The spectrum of IPL comprises many wavelengths that can heal multiple skin issues with single treatment. It primarily targets melanin pigment, blood vessels and oxyhaemoglobin. The light directly enters inside the second layer of skin called dermis to heal several kinds of issues that are mentioned below.


Skin Problems That an IPL Machine Can Heal Successfully

1)    Skin Rejuvenation by Fading Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are the indications of ageing, and nobody wants to look old. After crossing 50 years of life, skin starts losing its grace because of the deficiency of collagen protein. This protein is abundantly present in body, but its production decreases when a person grows old. Deficiency of collagen results in wrinkles on the face. If you are going through this phase of life and don’t want to look old, there are two options available:-

  •    Collagen Supplement
  •    IPL therapy

Along with humans, collagen is also present in animals. Thus it is extracted from their dead bodies to prepare a supplement. Regularly consume this product, and you get desired results in a few weeks. If you are a vegan and want a decent way to gain collagen, IPL therapy is the perfect alternative.

The intense pulse light has capability of stimulating skin tissues in the dermis that produce collagen. When the beam of light is emitted on the wrinkled face, the tissues rejuvenate and start producing an adequate amount of collagen naturally. For desired results, it is suggested to repeat the session for 3 to 5 times in the interval of a month. The impact of this therapy will last for around a year more depends on age.

2)    Unwanted Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is one of the most significant issues that every lady face while wearing her favourite dress. Annoying hair body parts like legs, belly and armpits need a perfect removal treatment. Generally, most of the people prefer temporary methods of hair removal such as wax, hair removing cream and epilators. After a few days, hair regrows, and again you need to visit a salon for removal.

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If you want a permanent solution to this issue, laser and IPL are two good options. T

he clinics that offer IPL treatment also provide the best eyebrow feathering in Melbourne province. Laser can also be helpful in this matter, but its high-intensity wavelength is highly risking. Rather than choosing a risky option, it’s better to go with intense pulse light. The beam emitted from the xenon lamp of this machine is when focused on hair; it turns into heat energy that completely destroys follicles. Follicles are considered as the roots of hair that grow below the epidermis layer. After the first session, the regrowth of hair will slow down. For permanent removal, you have to visit at least 3 to 4 times.

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3)    Birthmarks Removal

Some skin issues are natural and human has no control over them. Birthmarks are among those skin conditions that come since the birth of a child. Some of them disappear after a few months whereas others stay forever. This is an infrequent situation; still, some people suffer. Before going further, you need to understand that birthmarks are of two type’s i.e.

  •    Vascular Birthmarks
  •    Pigment Birthmarks

Both of them differ by their texture and cause. The pigment birthmark occurs due to the excessive storage of melanin pigment is a specific area of skin. This pigment is essential for natural skin tome but sometimes increases to a particular spot. Consequently, dark brown or black colour patches appear on surface. The only way to remove these marks is breaking down pigment molecules. The wavelength of IPL machine can correctly do this task. It breaks down melanocytes that are absorbed by body without causing any side effect.

Vascular birthmarks, on the other hand, are something different. The colour of vascular birthmarks is red, pink, brown or blue that cause due to the abnormal formation of blood vessels. Haemangiomas and vascular malformation are the two most common examples of this skin condition. Some marks are plain whereas others rise out. When intense pulse light is focused on it, haemoglobin of blood absorbs it and turn into heat energy. While heating, the disordered vessels start collapsing. The treatment sessions are repeated on the basis of size of birthmark.


4)    Tattoo Removal

Tattooing is a traditional thing that has turned into a fashion symbol in current times. For centuries, tattoos are being used to represent belief, community or religion of a person. Nowadays, numerous tattoo parlours can be seen in cities offering attractive designs. However, some circumstances occur when you need to remove them such as in the time of recruiting in a tattoo prohibited profession or want to get rid of bitter memories. There are only a few methods of their removal, and that too involves risk.

IPL machine is the safest known method of tattoo removal. It is capable of erasing both permanent and cosmetic tattoos. Permanent tattoos are made with a puncturing device equipped with different sizes of needles. Tattoo artists settle ink inside skin with needles in a pre-defined pattern. After the completion of process, the ink remains forever on skin in the form of a tattoo. On the other hand, cosmetic tattooing process is also similar. Nevertheless, it is done by an expert dermatologist in utmost hygienic environment. Cosmetic tattoos are also considered as permanent makeup that lasts for about 5 years. The pigment resembling makeup is applied to different parts of the face such as lips, eyebrows or cheeks.


The removal process of both tattoos is similar to birthmarks. The colour of birthmarks is natural whereas the tattoo’s pigment is artificial. The light of IPL machine penetrates inside epidermis and fades out tattoo pigment. People who are looking for such kind of treatment must visit a certified clinic like Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Centre for safety assurance.

IPL technology is an all in one solution to several skin issues that were considered as impossible to heal in the past. Such kind of treatments involve some degree of risk, thus trust only those clinics where a written agreement is committed for safe treatment. You need to gain complete information regarding before and after precautions of IPL treatment before the first session. Also, consult a proficient dermatologist who can suggest whether laser or IPL is suitable according to your problem.

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