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Whether it’s about taking a challenging task or an easy approach to perform, cognitive ability plays vital role in enhancing your performance. Most of the time due to lack of nutrition and daily lifestyle hustles individuals may observe less focus and concentration towards the objects. Even few individuals also experience short term and long term memory loss due to incapability of brain to perform.

In recent time a nootropic supplement has gained special attention of users, named as Intelleral, which promises to deliver sharp and stunning memory power. The product dramatically enhances the concentration power to have best attention towards the object.

However just like other nootropic supplements sold online Intelleral uses same method of 14 day trials to dispatch and its efficiency is still a question mark.

As soon as individual starts to take the essential pills of the supplement it triggers its performance within1 hour of time only. The ingredients used in supplement have ability to get mixed in bloodstream and start making its action by enhancing energy resources, memory level, sharpness towards object and excellent concentration level.

According to manufacturer’s the key ingredients listed in Intelleral include Green coffee powder as well as Cholorgenic acid. Other important additions made here include vitamins, nutrients and minerals for better results. They declare out that clinical studies suggest that using this supplement for a consistent time duration results out in 87% increase in attention power and 32% improvement in memory power.

Promises being made a lot, performance are not up to the mark as per our studies made. We even researched 2 of the mentioned ingredients efficiency and only found that they have slight ability to activate the memory rest it’s not of much advantage. Even the other list of ingredients composed to Intelleral goes missing and flags a red signal to ignore it. You can’t take much chance with your brain, as different ingredients have varied effects on brain and may not be helpful in every other case.

The worst thing that wasn’t expected is the disapproval made by food and drug administration (FDA) giving it as unsafe product to test. Websites lists the physicians who are recommending this product to try but still we haven’t found any real group of physicians applauding this nootropic supplement. The website only includes all fake reviews that are mostly made by a group of affiliate marketers to promote.

So far the pricing status of product is that it could only be availed through 14 day trial pack and rest you would be charged $98.45 after 14 day expiry period. You need to call the customer support department to cancel your monthly orders arriving regularly.

Whole Green Coffee Powder listed as key ingredient of the product works to a slight level only, as found under clinical research. This ingredient may improve energy level and even help in losing weight but has little effect on brain performance.

Coming to a conclusion we discovered out that Intelleral only uses some fake promises made by the manufacturers and isn’t a listed website, only having 1 star rating. The product misses all ingredients list and is not approved by FDA, so best move here would be to neglect its buy and get consulted with neuro physician for all brain deficiency.

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