How To Vape Cannabis WIthout A Dab Rig

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Far too many cannabis users are losing out on many benefits vaping offers because dab rigs seem like a hassle. That’s understandable since these rigs have a host of disadvantages.

It’s time to spread the message that dabbing without a rig is easier than ever. Not only that, it’s much cheaper than you might expect. It even eliminates costly pre filled vape cartridges that, up until now, were your only real option.

This is an article for both old dabbers and people who have never vaped before. It introduces the concept of making your own infused vape juice so you can vape cannabis without a rig or an expensive wax pen.

Leaving Flower For Concentrate

Before you’re in a position to start vaping your own cannabis e liquid, you have to buy some concentrate. Cannabis concentrates come in many different forms that go by different names. These substances are extracted, potent forms of cannabis.

Each type is very similar and the names help identify the form and texture the concentrate is in.

BHO and PHO are two popular concentrates. These are thick liquids made from extracted cannabinoids. Rosin is an extraction made from heat and pressure squeezing the resin from cannabis buds. Shatter, on the other hand, is made from PHO or BHO, but cooled differently so it becomes hard like candy.

Speaking of candy, that leaves wax, which is stretchy and sticky like warm salt water taffy.

Budder and crumble follow the same rules so the former is kind of like creamed honey while the second is more like coarse ground salt.

Switching to concentrates can save a lot of money for first-time vapers. This is because vaping is more effective than smoking. For starters, concentrates are up to 80 times more powerful than cannabis itself. Furthermore, vaping leaves more cannabinoids available for your lungs to absorb.

You can get high or take your CBD medication more efficiently through vaping.

Why More Cannabinoids Mean Less Wasted Money

Both marijuana and hemp plants produce cannabinoids to ward off predators, attract pollinators, and keep themselves healthy. These same cannabinoids get processed by our Endocannabinoid System when we ingest them.

The Endocannabinoid System involves the body’s cellular communication system like receptors as well as, enzymes and fatty acids. The body actually makes its own compounds called endocannabinoids. These are similar enough to cannabinoids that both cause the same effects.

Concentrates are more cannabinoid dense than cannabis itself. Because the processing extracts only cannabinoids (and some terpenes and flavonoids as well), the substance is more potent by volume.

Skip The Rig And Make Your Own Dab Juice

You can turn any vape you can get your hands on into a mini portable dab rig in seconds.

The first step is to order some Wax Liquidizer. If you have an extra few dollars, spring for the new mix kit as well. It has tools that will make your life easier and you can use them every time you make a batch.

There are six flavors to choose from including banana, mint, strawberry, grape, blueberry, and pineapple. The ‘original’ liquidizer is flavorless so it won’t change the taste of your concentrate at all.

Once you mix the liquidizer with a gram of concentrate following the directions on the bottle (2 ml liquidizer to 1 gram concentrate), you can put it in any vape.

Some individuals like stronger e juice which gives an effect closer to dabbing. Others prefer to add more liquidizer for an effect more similar to smoking cannabis.

Whatever way you want to use Wax Liquidizer, you’ll find it convenient and easy.

An Alternative To Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges

If you wanted to dab without a dab rig before, buying expensive, pre filled vape cartridges were your only option. These are not only expensive, but they’re cheaply made and often fail. They aren’t anywhere near as advanced as some of the vape mods on the market and they’re not as convenient as the new vape pod systems either.

Now there’s an easier way to save hundreds of dollars by spending a couple of minutes in your kitchen. Not to mention all of the other benefits like mixing your own flavor combinations and vaping your favorite concentrate instead of some mystery oil in a pen someone else put together.

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