How Many Almonds to Eat Per Day for Weight Gain

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Mostly Indians had a habit of soaking almonds overnight and then eating them in morning as it is very good for our health. Almonds contain a good amount of calories and they will also help you to gain weight but you should the amount you should eat and here I will tell you how many almonds to eat per day for weight gain and also tell you about their nutrition contents, how many are there in one ounce, their benefits and side effects of excessive almonds. Almonds contain good amount of vitamins and minerals which are essential for our body to grow. These nuts are also considered as king of all nuts.

First of all I will tell you that there are about 22 almonds in one ounce. It is recommended to take one ounce which means 22 almonds daily. You can take 11 in the morning and 11 in evening to take its benefits.

How Weight Is Related To Almonds:

The concept of weight gaining or losing does not depends on almonds only. You will be surprised to know that almonds can help in weight gain and losing also. It depends on your lifestyle and how much exercise you are doing. An ounce of almonds contain about 162 calories so if you are eating more almonds you are getting more calories and if you are not able to burn all those calories you will gain weight. Suppose you are eating 22 almonds which contain 162 calories and you are burning all those calories by doing exercises than your weight will remain same.

For losing weight you can replace almonds in by complex carbohydrates to get lean. Don’t take almonds in large portions. Almonds have many benefits including your hair, skin and heart.

Some Benefits of Almonds:

Lowers bad cholesterol level: Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats help in decreasing bad cholesterol of our body and these fats are present in almonds.

Gives strength to our bones:  Almonds contain calcium and phosphorus which improves the quality and strength of our bones thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Calcium is good for healthy teeth and bones

Improves hair quality:  Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B6 all these vitamins make our hair stronger and healthy and all these vitamins are found in almonds. You have also seen almond oil which is easily available in market.

Cleanses our skin:  Almonds are also responsible for removing dark circles and cleansing our skin.

Some Side Effects of Almonds:

Weight gain: As we had told you at starting that almond also play part in both weight gain as well as weight loss. So if you are eating excessive almonds and have a sedentary lifestyle then it will lead to weight gain.

Problem in digestion: Almonds contains fiber so if you are taking excessive almonds or fiber it can cause bloating, constipation also.  So we had told you about how many almonds to eat per   day for weight gain and in weight loss also.

CONCLUSION: Almond which is the king of nuts and has many nutritional contents has many benefits and side effects also.

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