Exercising on the HCG Diet

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The “exercise more, eat less” motto for losing weight has been accepted as the norm for years. But the fact is that this is not the case always and certainly does not work for everyone. Since diets like the Keto Diet or the HCG Diet have become popular, which claim that you can lose weight dramatically by diet alone, it has challenged the norm of exercising more and eating less. However, fitness enthusiasts still try and exercise even on the HCG Diet. One thing that needs to be kept in consideration though is that exercising too much while on the HCG Diet can actually slow down the weight loss process rather than accelerate it.

How the HCG Diet actually works

On the HCG Diet, you take Human Chorionic Gonadotropin doses every day via injections or available HCG Drops on the market. The HCG pulls fat from hips, thighs and abdomen to use as energy in the body as enough calories are not available. To ensure that this process goes on you have to lower your calorie intake to 500 calories per day. This has to be done for weeks which make the HCG Diet an extreme weight loss diet.

The HCG Diet and Exercise

While on the HCG Diet, your calorie intake is very low which can make you feel lethargic and dizzy. Exercising vigorously can make it worse. So it is recommended that at the beginning of your diet you avoid exercising at all so that your body gets used to the process. After a few days or weeks you can start with some light weight exercises that do not increase your heart rate above 100 bpm. If you continue to exercise vigorously though, you are likely to become very hungry and feel extremely weak which can lead to overeating and gaining weight instead of losing it.

Exercises that you can do on the HCG Diet

Health experts recommend that you do light weight and easy exercises on the HCG Diet. You can do light biking, take walks or do yoga and benefit both your body and soul. Doing these exercises will ensure that you keep feet and maintain your muscle tone while not putting your diet in jeopardy. If you are someone who has a history of working out intensely like strength training or swimming and wish to continue doing so. You should reduce the duration and can still do those exercise but make sure not to push yourself too far.

Exercises to avoid while on the HCG Diet

If you are someone on the HCG Diet without a history of working out, you might want to keep things cool and not over do things. You should avoid exercising too hard which burn hundreds of calories and make you very hungry and weak. It is advised that you steer clear of tough exercises like heavy weight lifting, jogging, running for miles, working out on the squat rack for too long etc. These exercises can cause muscle fatigue and leave you exhausted.

We hope this article helped you understand exercising on the HCG Diet better.

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