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The count with frequent arrivals of Garcinia Cambogia pills seems endless today, just like other trial sources available online today. The autoship programs prove to be a worst nightmare where they usually charge higher price afterwards, by attracting customers through 14 day free trial. Since these are trial based so you would not be allowed for refund back of money until you ask for cancellation while booking term.

Recently Divine Garcinia entered the market with the same brand label and using the name of Dr Oz. Interestingly there was very little product information available on its official website and even the complete list of ingredients goes missing here.

The promises made by Divine Garcinia relates to same Garcinia privileges that were released earlier including enhancing appetite, reducing fat level, improving serotonin level, improving metabolism, restricting food craving and building confidence. However, looking after these benefits they would only be termed as genuine if proper ingredients content and evidence is provided on its official website.

The product has only mentioned the addition of Garcinia Cambogia plant along with HCA extracts, which has been termed to be a weight loss module. Still no scientific evidence has been discovered out yet demonstrating about HCA extracts. The dose schedule to be taken on a daily basis is also missing, which creates a huge risk of overdosing by any new user.

As far as pricing of the product is concerned it is available at 15 day trial for $9.58 and afterwards on 16th day user would be charged around $87.45. You can’t make a cancellation and ask for refund once the monthly subscription arrives. It is necessary to cancel the autoship program within 15 days of trial booking. The shipping and handling fee is charged additionally from the customers.

The reputation of these trial orders selling websites has never been a good over internet and even these websites are not listed under better business bureau. Entire ranges of products you find over internet are not approved by Food and Drug Administration.

Divine Garcinia is the weight loss formula that must not be considered as a means to treat, cure or diagnose any health condition. The results arriving after its use may vary from person to person depending on their health condition and the way of formula use. However, if you are a minor below 18 years of age or undergoing medical treatment better stay away from it.

Looking after the sign up process of Divine Garcinia it is usually charging a huge amount from customer’s credit card and not giving assurance with the results that are expected. So entire scenario only flags a red signal to stop considering this formula and it resembles to be another scam offer.

The identity of manufactures goes missing on the official website and it looks a very new launch to market with no reviews and feedback mentioned by the customers. So overall you need to be prepared for the results that may harm your health after the use of Divine Garcinia. We would rather suggest you to get consulted with a physician for best recommendation and prescription, to stay safe and healthy.

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