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Past couples months haven’t been a good one for weight loss supplements because day by day launch is getting expanded in market but their result aren’t worthy choice for users. The holy grail of weight loss has generally received attention over internet.

We can see that advertisers are using various images of celebrities that are popular with their physique and making best moves to correlate their product with them. Ascend Garcinia is the new launch that has been using various means of promotion through advertorial page release online but doesn’t makes any special trust or attention of users.

The every aspect of Ascend Garcinia was looked through every angle and just a promotion through advertorial page must not be related as final answer because it is just a personal opinion of author.

The supplement further declares that its consistent use results out In great health benefits including a boost to energy resources, restricted food cravings, no more gas or bloating phase, melt away unwanted fat from body, and provide a slim physique structure.

Prior to these promises made by the creators of Ascend Garcinia there was no real evidence discovered out with that and even official website has not included any particular point of view to describe the characteristics of product.

Ascend Garcinia is not the supplement meant for treating, curing or diagnosing any health disease and its final result may vary from person to person depending on their health condition as well as the way supplement is being consumed. The pills are not meant to be consumed by minors who are below 18 years of age as well as undergoing some medical treatment.

The supplement mentions the addition of ingredients like Garcinia fruit extracts, potassium, calcium, green tea extracts, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. So far these ingredient can lift up the appetite and energy resources of body but aren’t effective in melting away the fat from body. Ingredients clinical evidence hasn’t been discovered out in any of the medical theory.

The story behind the success of manufacturer is just coming because of the use with name Dr Oz who showcased Garcinia Cambogia Fruit. In actual this fruit doesn’t contain any property to restrict fat formation in physique.

Ascend Garcinia is available only through 14 day trial purchase and would cost around $4.56. On the expiry of trial period user would be charged with $89.56 for monthly subscription. These monthly subscription would keep on arriving every month and aren’t available with refund back of money. That’s the worst point where user must have a look because manufacturers are now trying best to manipulate customers by showing free trial offers.

On the final stage we discovered out that product is not approved by food and drug administration and is lacking the regulation of better business bureau. Weight loss has now become a universal issue and pills are just not enough to restrict the fat formation better would be to perform exercises and eat fat free food to stay in shape.

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